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Major market events are dominating the business news as we speak,
but the headlines are not telling the story you need to hear.

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Dear Reader,

I want to give you a choice right now:

  1. OPTION 1: Would you rather spend $42 on a stock that slowly creeps up to a 74% gain?
  2. OPTION 2: Or would you rather spend $3 on a stock that skyrockets up to a rare
    1,720% win?

If you chose Number 2, congratulations!

You just chose an investment that paid you seventeen times your money over one that didn’t even manage to double it.

You also picked the one that cost you $39 less to buy… yet didn’t require you to place a complicated options trade or anything like that.

This choice isn’t a hypothetical situation…

Odds are you are going to face a similar choice up to twenty times this coming year.

And unfortunately, if you’re like most investors… you’ve chosen Option 1 every single time.

But it hasn’t been your fault.

Because I’m guessing you never knew about Option 2…

But today, due to a chain of extraordinary events unfolding in the market as I write this…

That’s about to change forever.

And by the time we’re finished here today, it’s my goal to make sure you know how to pick Option 2 — for upwards of 20 times more profit potential — every single time you make an investment.

In fact, I’m not only going to show you HOW to do this…

I’m going to give you the chance to receive a recommendation you can act on in the next 24 hours that I believe could pay you as much as 1,850%.

By simply opting to buy what I call “X-Shares” on the stock market.

That’s it.

No options necessary… ever.

It just so happens...

The “X-Shares” I’m about to show you here are totally normal in the way they trade, but NOT in the way they perform…

“X-Shares” don’t behave like “normal” shares (they far outperformed “normal” shares for 50 years in a row)…

They don’t cost what “normal” shares cost (you can get into many of these for $20 or less)…

And they don’t move like “normal” shares (one doubled its share price in just five days!)…

Yet they are just as easy to buy and sell. No options required… no special account approval… nothing different from what you’ve likely already been doing.

Now, I told you the choice between the $3 stock and the $42 stock I gave you up at the top was not hypothetical.

Investors were faced with that exact choice on January 28, 2016.

Take a look at what I mean.

This chart shows the share price of DowDuPont.

DowDuPont had 905,237,000 shares of common stock available on the New York Stock Exchange.

DowDuPont chart

But what most investors didn’t know is that DowDuPont also quietly put out 181,047,400 “X-Shares” onto the very same market just a few months earlier.

And while common shares of DowDuPont cost $42.46 that day…

You could have bought DowDuPont’s “X-Shares” for just $3.33.

Now, I doubt even 0.1% of the investing public knew about this.

But look what happened next…

While DowDuPont shares went on to gain 74%…

Its “X-Shares” earned investors 1,720% over the same exact time period.

That’s 23 times more profits!

And yet it cost just a fraction to get in.

I’m going to show you plenty of examples like this in the next few minutes to help you understand how “X-Shares” work.

And I know…

When you see what I’m about to show you, you might be
shocked that no one else has ever told you
about this amazing asset class before...

They’ve never told you that instead of buying boring old stocks that slowly creep up to a 10% return (if you’re lucky)…

You could have just as easily been buying “X-Shares” with the chance to pull in gains 10 times… 20 times… even 50 times higher than that…

There’s a specific reason no one ever told you this…

But first, you should know that it has nothing to do with greedy Wall Street bankers hoarding the profits for themselves.

(“X-Shares” are so “under the radar” that Wall Street misses out on them all the time too.)

It’s because corporate insiders will often do anything to keep “X-Shares” out of the spotlight for a short time after they begin trading on the market.

But after everything I’ve researched over the last three years…

And especially what I’ve uncovered watching recent market events unfold…

I’ve never been more excited than I am today to
blow this whole operation wide open…

And give folks just like you a shot at chasing profits that are 20 times… 30 times… even 100 times higher than any measly returns you’ve had to settle for until now.

But first, I want you to decide if what I am about to share with you will be worth your time today.

If you’re someone whose investments haven’t returned enough over the years for you to live without financial worry…

If you’re someone whose market losses over the past two decades have left you nervous about how you’ll ever make up for it before retirement…

And if you’re someone who understands that ultra-elite investors use very particular methods to get rich… but attempt to hide those same methods from you in order to benefit themselves…

With that said, even if you want to just learn more about X-Shares… then you are in the right place today.

Because I estimate…

You are about to join the 0.001% of in-the-know super-elites
who’ve discovered the raw, money-making
potential and sheer speed of “X-Shares”

This super-elite circle even excludes many multibillion-dollar hedge funds… institutional investors… and large, multinational banks.

Yet it does include some of the most radically successful money mavericks of our time.

Are you going to hear any of these famous investors going on record about their fondness for this mysterious asset?

Not quite.

Until now, the kind of stocks I’m talking about have flown so far under the radar… that as an asset class, they don’t even have a unique designation once they hit the market.

(If you ask me, I think it’s because insiders and executives prefer to make them as untraceable as possible…)

That’s why, for the purposes of this presentation today, we’re referring to them as “Executive Shares,” or “X-Shares” for short.

In a nutshell, public companies occasionally decide to radically shake up their corporate structure.

When this happens, they release a limited number of lower-cost and potentially higher-growth “Executive Shares” onto the stock exchange.

For company executives (who always seem be on the lookout for a shortcut to fast money), X-Shares are a quick and easy chance to pocket millions of brand-new shares instantly.

Once released, X-Shares trade independently under a different 3- or 4-letter symbol than a company’s common stock…

The problem is… if you don’t know when these X-Shares are going to be released or what their unique ticker is…

There’s no way for you to be in the very elite group of investors who get a shot at reaping the benefits they offer.

When I say “benefits,” I mean money, and lots of it.

Let’s look back at January 26, 2006.

On that date of record, McDonald’s had 1.2 billion public shares on offer on the NYSE.

Before the market closed that day, they distributed a new class of Executive Shares — or “X-Shares” — to a limited number of folks, including many C-level insiders.

Look what happened next…

McDonald’s stock rose a healthy 183%.

But for the lucky few holding McDonald’s “X-Shares,” their gains were nearly ten times that much at 1,600%.

Now, to reiterate… these extraordinary gains have nothing to do with trading options… they’re not shares of preferred stock… or any kind of risky, leveraged play on these companies.

Buying and selling X-Shares is as simple as trading a stock...

but X-Share gains are often in a whole different class...

When power equipment company Briggs & Stratton issued 11,570,800 X-Shares, the lucky few who got ahold of them paid $4 less per share than they would have paid for Briggs & Stratton stock.

Yet they went on to make 73 times more profit than the company’s common shareholders.

Again, cashing in on these kinds of rare gains didn’t
require buying any options or making any
kind of advanced trade whatsoever

All you need to do is simply position yourself to acquire these limited-number X-Shares once they begin public trading.

Like certain fortunate folks were on July 17, 2015, when eBay Inc. quietly released 1,214,822,000 “X-Shares” into the market.

Now, had you been holding common eBay stock that day, you’d be sitting on a 17% profit today.

Not bad.

But if you had positioned yourself to get ahold of eBay’s “X-Shares” that day, you could have made nearly 8 times as much.

But these triple-digit “X-Shares” gains are just the tip of the iceberg here.

Of course, this is an extraordinary example, and not all “X-Shares” opportunities will hit such huge returns.

Sometimes the gains are lower. And of course, on occasion, they’re much, much higher.

I’m going to show you how…

X-Shares helped America’s top investor turn
$100 into $315,337!

Yes, one hundred dollars into 315 thousand dollars.

Unfortunately for most, gains like this have been out of reach, mainly because X-Shares aren’t splashed across the front pages of the financial media.

And since uncovering these great investments often requires a mind-numbing journey into arcane corporate documents and mountains of SEC filings…

Your broker certainly won’t be telling you about them anytime soon.

Me, however?

I’ve dedicated my life, and sometimes as much as 60 hours a week, to devouring these forms and filings… hunting for the next company coming down the pike with a fresh batch of potentially lucrative X-Shares.

Of course, all the information I use to find these X-Shares opportunities is publicly available and could be found at the Securities and Exchange Commission, but I cut through all the noise to bring you only those that show the greatest potential.

In fact, I’m even going to give you a DIY cheat sheet below you can use to find X-Shares yourself whenever you want.

If you do give it a go yourself, I’m sure you’ll quickly understand why…

I don’t do this for fun.

I do it for the money.

I do it for the chance to become rich off an asset that’s completely “invisible” to even some of the smartest moneymen I know.

And for the satisfaction I get from outsmarting the CEOs and corporate fat cats who prefer to keep this information in the dark.

This is what a single [FORM 10] document looks like. Most guys I know won’t touch these, but I make a meal out of each one. It’s how I found the specific X-Shares I believe could help you multiply your money 12 times over… if you act in the next 72 hours.

Because these guys may be greedy, but they aren’t stupid.

Before they release them, they bury some of the most crucial details of X-Shares deep inside hundreds of pages of financial jargon.

These filings can take days, sometimes weeks, to sift through.

But here’s the thing… that’s exactly the way company insiders prefer it whenever new X-Share opportunities become available. Initially…

The better they can hide new X-Shares from folks like
you and me, the more money CEOs & corporate
execs can hoard for themselves

I’ll show you the shocking reason why this works in their favor in just a moment.

(Hint — the more popular X-Shares become at the start, the less money they stand to take home in complex financial derivatives.)

That’s why they’ve often made it so difficult for an average investor to find advance details on the profit potential of X-Shares.

I’ll also show you the three key pieces of intelligence I’m hunting for inside the hundred-page documents they publish… buried deep inside language so opaque, it’s impossible for the layman to understand.

When I find them, I know I’ve just uncovered new X-Shares capable of delivering gains upwards of 134% (like on September 26, 2018)… 703% (like on November 17, 2014)… and even 1,720% (like on October 27, 2017). Of course, these were handpicked historical examples, and past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

But starting today, these kinds of gain opportunities are going to be available to you as well.

Because after a thorough research project that spans:

I’m unveiling the only strategy in existence that hunts the highest and fastest-climbing X-Shares once they hit the markets…

I’m making it as simple as possible to get the
chance to collect gains 8–10 times higher
than the average American earns now

Take a look at what I mean right here in black and white…

Marriott Intl. is a stock most folks would be happy to own.

Over 6 years, it returned 402%.

However, for stakeholders of Marriott’s X-Shares, issued on November 29, 2011…

They made over twice as much, or 833%!

(Not to mention that those X-Shares cost just a little over one-half of what Marriott shares cost at the time…)

Carrols Restaurant Group stealthily released 23,160,000 X-Shares to investors and corporate insiders on May 7, 2012.

In the 36 months that followed, Carrols common stock bled 46% of its value.

But its X-Shares went bananas, earning in-the-know investors 490% in the same time frame.

And even as common shares of Murphy Oil Corp. fell 46%…

Its X-Shares (which cost $20 less at the time) went the opposite direction, soaring 120%.

Now, when both Murphy and Carrols X-Shares hit the market, publicity was kept to the bare minimum.

And while corporate insiders likely sat down in fancy boardrooms to review the details of just how many “X-Shares” they could look forward to claiming…

Most investors got no such direct message.

Meaning, folks just like you…

Folks highly capable of looking up Murphy Oil’s ticker and buying 100 shares… probably wouldn’t have had a clue how to acquire the company’s X-Shares.

But if you had been in the know then, you could have positioned yourself for a run-up that would have more than doubled your money — and yet it would have taken you less than 3 minutes to get started.

While X-Shares have been executives’ secret weapon
for decades, we’ve NEVER seen a time where they
could pay out as fast, as often and as much as
I predict they will over the next 12 months...

Legendary investor Peter Lynch understood the power of “X-Shares,” calling them:

quote: Astoundingly lucrative investments, Peter Lynch

The Wall Street Journal hails their…

quote: Long history of outperforming, Wall Street Journal

Business Insider marvels, calling “X-Shares”…

quote: A Simple Anomaly That’s Been Crushing the Market for Decades, Business Insider

And The Economist said that “X-Shares” offer investors…

quote: Tasty returns, The Economist

And when the normally reserved Economist gets excited enough to use a term like “tasty returns,” you know they’re talking about something way out of the ordinary.

And these returns confirm that.

When Royal Bank of Scotland stealthily released 110,461,782 X-Shares in 2014, investors lucky enough to get ahold of them collected 118% gains.

While holders of RBS common stock watched their investments fall by 23% over the same time period!

To reiterate: These eye-popping gains are coming from buying and selling shares on a regular stock exchange.

X-Shares function just like any other stock you already may own. These are not options trades, futures contracts or any kind of complicated financial derivative.

X-Shares are simply an asset class that consistently, reliably and handily outperforms virtually every blue chip and Fortune 500 stock on the market.

And based off our painstaking research that examined 179 cases of X-Shares returns over the past decade…

I concluded that in 100% of those cases, X-Shares went up…

Every. Single. Time.

Of course, that’s not to say all future X-Shares opportunities will be winners.

The dataset we picked would require perfect timing and a great deal of luck to replicate.

Investing always carries risk, and X-Shares are no different.

But if you have a blueprint to help you find the best of them, you could see them shoot up astronomically higher and faster than ANY other type of stock I’ve ever seen.

Now, I’d like to tell you that this phenomenon has been happening right under your nose for decades…

But the truth is, it’s been taking place “behind a velvet rope” all this time.

Largely hidden from your view.

And part of that, honestly, is my fault.

When I discovered the little-known phenomenon of X-Shares… and began to see how they could routinely pay “option-like” returns without requiring you to execute a single options trade…

I wanted to tell all my readers immediately!

But it wasn’t that simple.

Because even though I KNEW that every X-Shares example we examined from the past decade went up if you had perfect timing and a little luck…

The triple-digit winners were just taking too long to hit that benchmark.

And when it came to X-Shares, I wasn’t interested in slow gains.

I wanted to develop...

A method that targets X-Shares primed to open up a
triple-digit gain opportunity within 72 hours

In other words, I wanted at least DOUBLE OR NOTHING, and I wanted it as quickly as possible!

And to do that, I had to pore over thousands of dense corporate documents and SEC forms.

And it made me realize…

No wonder the average investor probably has no idea X-Shares exist!

They’re decided upon during executive meetings in private boardrooms…

Then, before they’re issued, some of the crucial details are buried deep inside documents as thick as bricks…

But the more I read… hunted… charted… and analyzed…

The more the “Executive Shares” phenomenon crystallized into hard data I couldn’t deny.

Then, the biggest revelation of all hit.

And it convinced me that if I didn’t go public with this information quickly, I’d be doing my readers an unforgivable disservice.

Because my research has led me to believe…

A historic number of X-Share opportunities are going
to hit the market in the coming months
spiking HIGHER and FASTER than ever before

And starting today, ANYONE with access to the information I’m revealing here will not only know about these well in advance

You’ll also be able to use that intelligence to place simple trades that could, based on my rigorous statistical analysis, net you one triple-digit win after another.

Or potentially, far more than that.

To illustrate my point, go ahead and think about the last thing you spent $500 on…

Maybe it was an airline ticket. Maybe it was a car repair. Maybe you bought a new appliance.

Whatever it was, imagine if you’d taken that $500 and used it to purchase a stake in a single company whose X-Share rollouts would have turned that tiny investment into $164,400.

Multiplying your money 328 times over — off a single trade.

That’s not a fantasy.

This massive windfall rained down on investors who positioned themselves for the tidal wave of “X-Shares” issued by a company called Dunn & Bradstreet.

That means, had you been one of them...

Right now, YOU could be sitting on $164,400 in pure profit… from a $500 investment in X-Shares… thanks to one easy trade that took no more than 90 seconds

Of course, this is a handpicked winning historical example, and not all X-Share opportunities will see such extraordinary gains. Some may not win at all!

But in the coming 12 months, I estimate we could be looking at 365 companies issuing millions of brand-new X-Shares.

This would be an unprecedented amount, for sure, but right now we are in the midst of unprecedented times.

And thanks to brand-new guidance announced by the IRS… biotech, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and tech companies could now be preparing to release as many X-Shares as they like into the public market.

(The new guidance would let them do it tax-free, and you know how corporations love to avoid taxes!)

I predict this will cause an upcoming flood of X-Shares that could spike higher and faster than any other period in history.

I also believe that if you act within the next 72 hours, you have a very real shot at capturing 1,850% returns on my first X-Shares recommendation.

Starting with as little as $36.

I’m also going to show you why this simple play (one that will take you 3 minutes to execute and does not require anything more than having an account you can hold stocks in) is only your first step in what could be a $25,450 introduction to the hidden, exciting world of X-Shares.

Because if you want to know the real reason I’ve gone through all this hoopla to get you here today, here it is…

I was in the room while a Fortune 500 CEO discussed
issuing his company’s very first Executive Shares...

Now, for privacy reasons, I can’t reveal who that CEO was...

Or why he was down in my neck of the woods in Florida that week...

(Let’s just say his company is a household name and you’ve likely shopped there many times.)

As I sat across from the table from him, I saw firsthand what goes down when a company discusses issuing X-Shares.

And as much as I like this guy personally, the “velvet rope” that gets thrown up when a deal is all said and done is enough to make a hardworking American’s blood boil.

Because once the decision is made to release X-Shares, two things are generally agreed on by all executives involved:

  1. That the true potential of the new X-Shares remain out of the media spotlight at all costs in their early days on the market and...
  2. That, initially, shares only get distributed to executives, insiders and company shareholders.

See, those are the reasons someone like you has been “shut out” in the past.

Causing you to miss out on potential seven-figure paydays many times over.

From the moment an “X-Share” release is set in stone, stakeholders line up to claim their stake while everyone else goes blindly about their business — usually totally unaware it is even happening.

But because I’ve been fortunate enough to learn the telltale signs of an X-Shares rollout before it happens…

And, more importantly, because God blessed me with the patience and determination required to sift through dense documents and forms most people could never stomach…

I’m now able to search for specific, red-hot profit triggers all but invisible to most investors…

And the results were unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

I had found… a special class of investable assets that seemed to defy all known wisdom of what common stocks were “supposed” to do.


If someone had told me about X-Shares before I personally verified their staggeringly reliable, outsized historical returns… I would have said they were blowing smoke

But, based on decades of historical hard data I compiled and shared with a small group of investment experts, I knew — without a doubt — we had blown the lid off the single greatest moneymaking vehicle I’d ever encountered.

Just ask those I personally shared my historical analysis with…

When Northrop Grumman rolled out their own X-Shares on March 31, 2011, investors saw gains of 1,123%.

When Elan Corp. issued a crop of X-Shares on December 22, 2012, they saw gains of 730%.

When JDSU Communications released its X-Shares on August 1, 2015, they saw gains of 414%.

When Marriott made its X-Shares public on November 22, 2011, they saw gains of 853%.

When Ralcorp issued new X-Shares on February 6, 2012, they saw gains of 296%.

When TriMas rolled out a new crop of X-Shares on July 1, 2015, they saw gains of 200%.

When Marathon Oil released a batch of X-Shares on June 30, 2011, they saw gains of 460%.

When Abbott Laboratories issued a crop of X-Shares on January 2, 2013, they saw gains of 287%.

When Masco rolled out its X-Shares on July 1, 2015, they saw gains of 277%.

When BE Aerospace issued a new release of X-Shares on December 17, 2014, they saw gains of 204%.

The historical gain examples I showed these investment experts speak for themselves, but a host of studies I dug up confirmed another very crucial point…

Six separate studies — conducted by institutions like J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, Deloitte and academics from Penn State and Purdue — all concluded the same thing:

Throughout history, X-Shares outperform.

If you bought X-Shares EVERY SINGLE TIME a company issued
them over 50 years and held them for a certain period of time
before selling, you would have made more money
than investing in the general stock market

(Take a look at the study results to the right for the precise outperformance statistics.)

Here’s what this means…

You could have simply bought X-Shares… held them for a certain period of time… and gotten far better returns than investing in the stock market.

With barely more work than you’re likely doing now!

Because, remember, whether you buy one X-Share at $10 or 5,000 X-Shares at $50,000… both transactions would be as simple as buying shares of Apple… or Ford… or Burger King.

5 minutes or less, guaranteed!

This is all to show you one thing…

The power of X-Shares is big enough to stand on its own.

Even Bloomberg has pulled together a basket of X-Shares that have paid out 1,030% since 2003 (compared to just 194% gains if you’d invested in the S&P).

So, again, this is exactly why I was faced with a huge conundrum in my research…

As I broke down individual X-Shares cases over the last twenty years and charted their timelines, I was finding scores of triple- and quadruple-digit winners.

But many of them were taking the better part of that decade to get there…

And I’m not a young man anymore, so I don’t have that kind of patience left!

That’s when one simple question began to gnaw at me…

What if I were able to isolate only those X-Shares that
look primed to begin skyrocketing… within 72 hours?

The deeper I dove into my research, the more pressing this quest became.

To help me in my quest, I examined the returns of last year’s top-performing X-Shares — all of which were probably unknown to most investors when they hit the market.

On July 14, Ionis debuted its own class of X-Shares, which quickly soared 311%.

stock chart

After CNX Resources issued a new pack of its own X-Shares on November 29, investors had a chance to make 141%.

stock chart

Seacor Marine’s 2017 class of X-Shares spiked on December 29, awarding investors with a 116% gain in the new year.

stock chart

IDT jumped on the X-Shares bandwagon in early 2018, giving investors who got in on April 2 a shot at 122% in just two months.

stock chart

Cogint’s X-Shares fared even better, returning 118% in five days this past May.

stock chart

Now, the outperformance of X-Shares is not at all tied to how a company’s common stock performs…

They also have nothing to do with derivatives on those shares… like I said, no options required here!

X-Shares are totally unique and often little-known before they begin trading.

X-Shares are the “secret sauce” corporate insiders use
to pad their accounts with millions in valuable,
historically high-growth assets

And they do it over and over again…

Just like you can begin doing today as well.

Take George Barney, a high-ranking executive at well-known hotel chain…

George Barney, Parsippany, New Jersey, Acquired $2.2 million worth of X-Shares — as an “executive perk”!

When the hotel chain issued a round of X-Shares this May 17, George was in line to receive 34,226 shares deposited into his account thanks to his “executive perks.”

The total value of X-Shares that hit his account that day?

$2.2 million…

Then there’s Brett Silver.

Brett Silver woke up to find $1,429,568 worth of X-Shares in his account!

He’s a “Chief Growth Officer.”

(I’m sure no one really knows what he does — including him — but I’ll bet he gets paid handsomely for it.)

When his company released their own X-Shares on May 7, Brett was on the “insiders” list and got 58,493 shares as part of his executive compensation…

And in an instant, he was the proud owner of $1,429,568 worth of brand-new X-Shares.

Consider Mary Adams…

New Yorker Mary Adams used her executive perks to acquire $373,305 worth of X-Shares this year!

She’s a muckety-muck known as the “VP of Legal Strategy and Affairs”

When her company rolled out a crop of X-Shares on March 28, Mary lined herself up to collect 68,371 of them.

When that trading day ended, Mary had $373,305 worth of X-Shares more than when it began.

Now, you might be thinking…

“Yeah, these folks had millions worth of X-Shares handed to them on a silver platter, but they’re insiders and executives and I’m not.”

Well, that’s exactly my point!

Until now, X-Shares have been the most valuable and profitable for executive insiders…

Folks whose C-level status automatically set them up to receive a sizeable stake once shares hit the market…

But I’m changing that today.

And thanks to what’s in store in the coming moments, you are about to get the chance at massive profits just like “those people”… just like George, Brett and Mary.

No longer wishing one of these life-changing payouts would hit your account someday.

No longer seeing all the triples you could have cashed in on in the rearview.

Because now that my deep dive into the biggest X-Shares gains in history has finally reached its conclusion, I’m here to share the groundbreaking insight I uncovered…

After I studied the fastest-spiking, highest-paying “X-Shares” cases over the past decade…

I’ve isolated three “Hyper-X Profit Triggers” I now use to hunt for potentially life-altering gain opportunities...

all poised to start taking off within 72 short hours...

This type of X-Share is what I call a “Hyper-X Share,” because my profit triggers predict it will enter its Max Potential Profit window at lightning speed.

And by using these three screens, I can mathematically reject X-Shares I predict will take multiple years (or, god forbid, decades) to give us triple-digit wins…

Instead, isolating only those X-Shares whose rapid ascent could begin in just 72 hours from the day I send out my recommendation…

Now I hope you understand (as my long-suffering wife finally does) why this painstaking research was so important — not just for me, but for my longtime readers.

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Mike Burnick.

A lot of folks I meet recognize me from CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV and dozens of national financial radio programs.

I’ve been a financial industry success story for over 30 years.

Most recently, I was tapped to manage nearly half a billion in assets as Director of Research at Weiss Capital Management.

The top brass at Weiss reached out to me after hearing others talk about how…

“Mike Burnick pulled a rabbit out of his hat by
bringing in over $200 million during the 2008 financial crash…”

A time when most investors lost over half their net worth.

Now, while I hope from the bottom of my heart you weren’t one of them…

If you were, I’m here today to offer you an opportunity to make up for lost time.

Whether it’s the crash of 2008 that’s coming back to haunt you as the countdown to retirement becomes ever shorter…

Or if some high-risk investments went south on you unexpectedly…

Or maybe your money’s just never generated consistently large returns in the markets…

Whatever shortage you’re faced with — no matter how big or small — you’re the reason for all the work that has gone into the breakthrough discovery of “Hyper-X Shares.”

Because, quite frankly, I’m done watching the Georges, Bretts and Marys of the world retire early with three vacation homes…

While my kids’ teachers… my church pastor… and my friends who serve in the armed forces struggle to make sure they don’t outlive their money…

Simply because those corporate executives have found a surefire way to hoard much of the wealth for themselves.

I can’t sugarcoat that reality here, folks.

I imagine George, Brett and Mary were thrilled that you were in the dark about “Executive Shares” as they collected their millions.

Because had you and millions of others known about them and made YOUR move at the same time as these insiders, their profits could have been massively slashed.

And that’s not something they’re very keen on seeing happen.

But here’s what I want to see happen…

Whenever the next market-crushing X-Shares Opportunity
presents itself, I want a large cut of those profits
to end up in your pocket…

In teachers’ pockets…

In pastors’ pockets…

In veterans’ pockets.

I want George, Brett and Mary to settle for tens of billions less this time around.

And I want it to be because YOU knew what move you needed to make this time to collect your share.

And, if you choose to do that, you are going to start your X-Shares journey at precisely the moment in history when I predict bigger, faster and more frequent “Hyper-X” trade opportunities to hit than ever before.

The fact that my “Hyper-X” strategy is now ready at the same time that the IRS looks set to help send a flood of X-Shares onto the market means only one thing…

This is the perfect time for you to get started.

So now, while nothing in the markets is ever guaranteed and investing always carries risk, I’d like you to at least be open to one possibility:

Now is the perfect time to sit back and let these explosive
“Hyper-X Shares” do all the work to make you rich

That’s not just me running my mouth either.

The proof is in the numbers.

If you socked away one-fifth of your money during your working years and made a 20% return on it… that compound growth could allow you to retire with $752,071,271.

Well on your way to becoming a billionaire.

But I’m not just talking about 20% wins here, am I?

I’m talking about “X-Shares” that have returned
703%... 837%... 1,720%

Also, you don’t have a time machine to take you back to the first year you collected a steady paycheck…

For the sake of illustration only, let’s say you only had five years to play catch up.

If we compound the average of those three gains each year, you would still have a shot at turning less than $1,000 a month into $255,112,261.

You’ve suddenly got enough money to leave the 9 to 5 behind without a care.

Heck, give it twelve months…

At one “Hyper-X” investment a month, that same average gain could allow you to end 2019 with a cool $1,680,372 in your pocket.

Of course, let’s be real here.

These are extremely exaggerated theoretical examples that require absolute perfect timing. In other words, it would mean hitting successive massive winners over and over for a period of months to years… and it would be impossible to make the same three winning gains year after year!

Investing is much more of a rollercoaster than that! And it always carries risk!

But these three gains go to show the huge potential of Hyper-X trades.

Please, read everything I’m presenting you here with here today very carefully and then…

Should you choose to invest, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Meet the Mogul Who Used X-Shares to Help Him Turn $100 into $315,337

John Malone, aka “The Cable Cowboy,” is known for turning $100 invested with him at the start into $315,337.

He did it through “artful corporate restructuring.” Much of that meant spinning off innovative, high-growth companies.

John Malone can thank the returns he generated from spinoffs for his incredible wealth. That includes the money he needs to keep up the Maine home he uses for storing his yachts (and to maintain the million acres it sits on).

If you want “John Malone” kind of wealth, you simply can’t ignore the sheer moneymaking potential of X-Shares for one day more…

On the other hand, it’s highly possible you could be in for some of the fastest, biggest gains you’ve ever seen hit your account.

When it comes to financial breakthroughs like this, there comes a time when it’s “show, don’t tell.”

And that’s where we’ve come to right now.

So I’d like to show you the name of the company registering as a strong “Hyper-X” right this instant.

Which also means it’s time to get one thing clear…

“What exactly are X-Shares anyway?

And what makes them so EASY?”

Let me show you...

Let’s say a friend tells you Ford Motor Co. looks like a great stock right now.

But you disagree.

You think their Mustang and Focus models are holding the company back and wish you could invest solely in their F-150 line.

Well, if Ford were to issue “F-150 X-Shares,” that’s exactly what you’d be able to do.

Or look at Apple.

If you, like many, think smartphone sales have peaked but believe that Apple’s new healthcare initiative is a multibillion-dollar business in the making…

Then, “Apple Healthcare X-Shares” would be a very attractive investment to you.

As is often the case...

X-Shares allow you to invest in the most innovative,
high-growth division of a company

Without excess company baggage putting a drag on your returns.

And when companies create new X-Shares, they are creating a fully independent, separately traded company from themselves.

It’s what commonly known as a spinoff transaction.

And it’s what’s making the rich get richer.

The last time I checked Warren Buffett’s portfolio, it was loaded with spinoffs like Synchrony, Phillips 66, Moody’s, Seritage Growth Properties and many more.

And the lesser-known, but no less successful Seth Klarman (aka “The Oracle of Boston) also has a portfolio brimming with spinoffs like Twenty-First Century Fox, Theravance and Trilogy Metals.

So, why are the world’s smartest investors so keen on snapping up spinoffs?

Because, as Joel Greenblatt, the author of You Can Be a Stock Market Genius, puts it:

quote: Profits are practically built into the system, Joel Greenblatt, Bestselling Financial Author

The profit potential of spinoffs is undeniable when you lay their chart over top of their parent company’s.

While Integer Holdings went on to gain 132%, its Nuvectra spinoff crushed that number with a 465% return.

And it would have cost you just $4.30 to buy into Nuvectra. (Its parent cost $33 at the time.)

While Pfizer shares crept up 50%, its Zoetis spinoff gave investors a 223% win.

When Abbott Labs returned a solid 100% to its shareholders, its AbbVie spinoff more than doubled that return at 239%.

While ConAgra lost 9%, its Lamb Weston spinoff shot up 114%.

While ADP gained 63%, its CDK Global spinoff tripled that for a 184% return.

When Graham Holdings dropped 11%, its Cable One spinoff jumped 118%.

While Hertz tumbled 39%, its Herc Holdings spinoff soared 146%.

See what I mean when I say you can get
“option-like” returns without trading options?

Big… Fast… Easy. That what these “Hyper-X” trades are all about.

But I bet that when each one debuted on the market, less than 0.01% of Americans realized there was a new stock on the block.

Each with the potential of doubling… tripling… even quadrupling your money.

But don’t expect any opening bell fanfare to let you know a new spinoff has hit the market.

As The New York Times puts it…

quote: Quiet spinoffs talk the loudest in returns, New York Times

Just look again at the peak returns I just showed you of the 2017–2018 handpicked winning spinoffs

141%… 129%… 116%… 122%… 118%… and 311%.

And this isn’t some fluke.

quote: Spinoffs have a history of outperforming the market... [having] beaten the S&P 500 handily for a decade, Barron’s

As I mentioned earlier, my stint on Wall Street showed me one thing…

When a spinoff transaction is underway, the more “under the radar” it is after public trading begins, the more the insiders like it.

That’s because, in addition to receiving “X-Shares” of the spinoff company, corporate executives often receive options on more “X-Shares.”

And in order to make those options more valuable, they want the brand-new spinoff to debut on the market with a low share price.

If a flurry of new investors gets excited about the new company, that could push the stock price up in the first few weeks.

When that happens, it cuts into their future profits.

So, they like to keep things very low-key… very quiet… very “invisible” to outsiders.

This tight-lipped culture can make it difficult for your average Joe to find many details on the profit potential of new “X-Shares.”

Piercing through the “veil of secrecy” takes a lot of work…
but all the potential profits are waiting on the other side.

First of all, I have to carve out time in my schedule to attend stakeholder conference calls with CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies at the end of every quarter.

However, the bulk of my time is spent doing something much more mundane…

Dissecting piles of 600+ page documents looking for clues as to whether or not a spinoff is going to make the cut as a “Hyper-X” candidate.

And it was in this deep digging that I found the key piece of information that made today possible…

One that sealed the deal on what the next 12 months could have in store for us…

I predict:

Thanks to proposed guidance by the IRS, a
“Hyper-X Profit Bonanza” of fast-moving,
high-paying spinoffs is beginning RIGHT NOW

Thanks to my research, I discovered that not only is this an excellent time to invest in spinoffs…

It could likely be the best time in history to do so.

The Wall Street Journal reported…

quote: IRS Moves to Ease Tax Rules for Spinoffs, The Wall Street Journal

Bloomberg calls it:

quote: An agency shift toward spinoff-friendly policy [to] help fuel... a surge in spinoffs, Bloomberg

And a leading M&A law firm has some pretty straightforward words of wisdom for any companies considering a spinoff…

quote: Companies seeking a tax ruling from the IRS under the new approach should consider acting soon, Law Firm Ranked #1 for M&A by Bloomberg

That means we could be on the cusp of capturing a flood of “Hyper-X” gains in manufacturing, real estate, telecommunications, tech and pharmaceuticals.

Because when the IRS goes out of their way to play nice…

It creates the perfect environment for super-high-growth spinoffs to emerge.

Even tax analysts are calling some of the IRS’ recent moves “amazing”…

And when super-high-growth spinoffs hit the market, we get served up a slew of “Hyper-X” opportunities, so…

If you’re in the market to net your first potential million in spinoffs… there’s NEVER been a better time than right now.

So, go ahead and get a little excited.

And even a little greedy…

Because if my predictions are correct...

We’re on track to see one spinoff for every single day of the year in 2019.

Yep. 365 days. 365 spinoffs.

(But don’t worry, my job is to bring you only the best opportunities of the bunch.)

Meaning, you could be looking at “Hyper-X” profit opportunities like this all over again:




And a rare 32,880%...

That’s a life-changing win that would have turned $500 invested into $164,400 profit!

Of course, these are all handpicked winning examples, and most X-Shares will not skyrocket that high... and some may not win at all.

Investing always carries risk, so please, always keep that in mind.

But starting today…

I’m laying everything on the line to help put those kinds of winners directly into YOUR hands.

If the spinoff I’m recommending today doesn’t convince you that X-Shares are the most consistent, lucrative and reliable way to make money… I’ve got a “gift” valued at $3,000 with your name on it

Right this moment, I’m looking at the name of a spinoff I believe could start spiking within the next 72 hours.

And I expect it to end up handing you a head-spinning payout of as much as 1,850%.

But before I send its name and instructions, alongside all my research, directly to you with my compliments… I’d like to show you how I found it.

And also what it means for a spinoff to achieve “Hyper-X” status…

Now, some of what I’m about to reveal here takes place in the shadows after a spinoff is announced.

And some of this crucial information isn’t even made public until 3 months after it happens!

That’s why it can be almost impossible to get an edge in this space.

Which is exactly why I do the legwork here for you.

That’s how I discovered everything I’m now going to show you…

Starting with the two key players who help determine whether or not we’re looking at “Hyper-X Shares”…

Shareholders and Insiders.

First, the shareholders…

More specifically, institutional shareholders.

Hyper-X Hidden Profit Trigger #1

Big Investors’ Self-Imposed Rules Ban Them From Holding Spinoff Stocks…
Giving YOU a Shot at Picking up Their Discarded Shares for Pennies on the Dollar

Institutional shareholders are usually mutual funds with very strict criteria dictating what they can and can’t hold inside that fund.

For example, a mutual fund focused on Industrials would probably hold GE stock.

And on November 17, 2015, GE spun off a company called Synchrony, which was a financial company.

But that mutual fund can’t hold financial stocks because of its own self-imposed rules.

So they are forced to quickly sell those shares and invest the money back into the Industrials sector.

A large-cap ETF that held GE stock would also be forced to do the same, because Synchrony isn’t a large enough company to fit into their portfolio of blue chip companies.

Because of these arbitrary rules:

  1. Institutional shareholders are bound by their own rules to miss out on BILLIONS in profits off early, historically high-growth spinoff stocks.
  2. Their inability to hold these spinoffs inside their funds creates a tremendous buying opportunity for individual investors… one that can allow you to buy these stocks for pennies on the dollar.

Yes, this is TRULY one instance where someone like you has a distinct and powerful advantage over rule-bound Wall Street traders.

That’s why I like to see heavy institutional ownership in a parent company…

More specifically, to qualify for Hyper-X status… at least 20% of a parent company’s shareholders must be institutions prior to the spinoff.

That way, I know we’re going to be able to pounce when those spun-off shares inevitably change hands — at a GREAT price — from Wall Street to Main Street.

But I don’t ever like to rule out spinoffs just because they’re not “brand new.”

Spinoffs can go on historic multiyear tears, and we never want to miss out when that happens.

So I also like to see at least 20% institutional ownership even later on.

That’s how I know the “right” institutional players are coming back in and could drive the discounted price way up.

This gives us another huge window of opportunity to find “Hyper-X Shares” across the entire lifetime of a spinoff company.

But while institutional investors are forced to sell off X-Shares early on, there’s another party that I need to see acquiring the stock…


Hyper-X Hidden Profit Trigger #2

The More Stock Company Insiders Hold, the Harder They’ll
Work to Make Sure the Price of YOUR Shares Goes Up…

I’ve already made it very clear that when it comes to spinoffs, corporate insiders can get very greedy.

So here’s where I’ve figured out a way to spin that greed into an advantage for folks like you and me.

Which means every time 600+ pages of spinoff documents show up on my desk, I plow through them looking for what kind of deal the insiders get…

I have to see if management is going to be acquiring sizeable stakes right alongside shareholders.

I can’t overstate how important this is.

Executives who get thrown into a cushy corner office with a steady seven-figure paycheck have no incentive to make sure the company’s share price takes off.

And those are spinoffs I don’t want to touch.

However, if the new CEO, CFO and COO are heavily invested right alongside shareholders, I sleep easy knowing they’re awake all night working on making the company more profitable.

Specifically, to qualify for Hyper-X status… I want to see a plan in place for insiders to acquire at least 100,000 shares of the newly spun off company.

Once I confirm that number, the second hurdle toward “Hyper-X” status is cleared…

Now, these first two criteria tell me that a spinoff is potentially worth my time and money.

What the third piece of the puzzle does is tell us when it’s time to make our move.

Hyper-X Hidden Profit Trigger #3

When the “Balance of Power” Indicator Goes Green,
We’re Looking at a Spinoff With the Potential
to Skyrocket Within 72 Hours

Institutional sellers and inside buyers are like opposing teams on a seesaw trying to control a spinoff stock’s share price.

The institutional sellers push it down while the insider buyers ratchet it up.

But once institutions have sold all they can sell, the downward pricing pressure goes away…

And now all the power is on the buyers’ side…

It can happen fast, and to make the most money, you’ve got to be able to spot the shift as soon as it happens.

So, how do we know the precise moment this turnaround could take place?

The Balance of Power indicator.

And it gets this metric right every single time.

That’s why I rely on it as my third and final Hyper-X Hidden Profit Trigger.

It lets me know in no uncertain terms if a spinoff stock is positioned right inside that sweet spot.

Highly discounted and potentially on the verge of spiking… FAST.

Here it is in action…

As soon as the Balance of Power shifts from red to green, we see Chemours (the DowDuPont spinoff) go on to gain 1,720%.

stock chart

The same thing happened with Seacor Marine Holdings. Red goes to green, and investors double their money with a 116% return.

stock chart

And again with the Lumentum spinoff… the Balance of Power goes green and the X-Shares skyrocket 414%.

stock chart

So to sum up, in order to qualify for Hyper-X Status… the Balance of Power indicator must be trending positive.

Of course, just because these Hyper-X Shares have all three of these features doesn’t mean they are guaranteed winners!

Nothing is guaranteed in investing, and X-Shares are no different.

But these three criteria form a solid blueprint anyone can use to pinpoint X-Shares with the highest potential for fast triple-digit gains.

And now that I’ve revealed them to you, I’m also happy to show you a DIY list so you can…

Use THIS “Cheat Sheet” to find “Hyper-X Shares”
on your own...

  1. Contact corporations and ask to review their Form 10-12B filings.
  2. Scour the 600+ pages for details of any upcoming spinoff transactions.
  3. Request 13F forms from the SEC for details of institutional investor selling. (Remember, your information delay there could be as long as three months!)
  4. Request Form 4 from the SEC to track how quickly insiders are acquiring the stock.
  5. Track the Balance of Power indicator daily using a subscription software program.
  6. Find a spinoff stock that’s spring loaded and ready to launch!

If that sounds like something you have the hours and the stomach for, you are more than welcome to try and replicate my “Hyper-X” strategy for yourself.

But here’s the really great news I have for you…

If you’d rather skip directly to the part where chasing life-changing gains from the market’s most explosive, reliable and fastest gainers is as simple as typing your name…

Then you’re in luck.


You’ve got a 72-hour window to capitalize on
my most urgent X-Share opportunity —
one with as much as 1,850% upside

I’ll cut to the chase here…

We’re looking at a spinoff I’ve dubbed “The New ‘Million Dollar an Hour’ Fast Food King.

And for anyone else who sees the same thing and decides to make a move in the next 72 hours…

I believe you could make an absolute killing.

By my calculations… that means a return as high as 1,850%.

This remarkable company has the exact three criteria I’m looking for in any “Hyper-X” recommendation…

Take a look.

Hyper-X Hidden Profit Trigger #1

Institutional Ownership

Minimum Target:


The “Million Dollar an Hour” Fast Food King:


That’s 60% higher!

Hyper-X Hidden Profit Trigger #2

Insider Share Acquisition

Minimum Target:


The “Million Dollar an Hour” Fast Food King:


That’s over 7 times higher!

Hyper-X Hidden Profit Trigger #3

The Balance of Power

It’s GO time!

The downward pressure has lifted, and this stock is primed to shoot for the sky!

A deeper analysis points to gains ahead of 1,850%…

You read that right… a shot at making 18 times your money off a single stock.

But before I show you how to get your hands on the name of this company, plus how to make your move inside its 72-hour Max Profit window…

I also want to give you the opportunity to set yourself up for fast, reliable and lucrative spinoff opportunities week in and week out over the next year…

Seven Figure Publishing’s
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Through this letter today, I’m inviting you to claim your own personal copy of my inaugural Spinoff Millionaires trade debriefing.


1,850% Upside on the Fast Food Spinoff Overtaking a Corner Near You

72-Hour Max Profit Potential Window
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If you had purchased just $500 of McDonald’s stock when it hit the market, you’d have $60,650 right now.

report cover

But if you didn’t, don’t worry.

Here’s your second chance.

We’re looking at “The New ‘Million Dollar an Hour’ Fast Food King”… a chain now serving over 2 billion customers!

In some areas, this spinoff already has more locations than McDonald’s!

It’s growing that fast.

It was spun off from a large holding company and like I just showed you above, it’s sitting right in that Hyper-X sweet spot… ready to skyrocket.

Did I mention the company already rakes in nearly one million dollars for every hour of every day?

And there’s no sign that’s even close to the upper limit…

According to Barron’s, when it comes to this fast food company:

quote: Growth is on the menu..., Barron’s

Fast food spinoffs have traditionally been wealth jackpots for savvy investors who got in at the
right time.

When McDonald’s spun off Chipotle, investors could have pocketed 1,600% gains.

When Pepsi spun off its Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut division, investors could have scored
1,560% gains.

And when Carrols spun off Fiesta Restaurant Group, investors picked up a 490% profit.

So, what kind of gains do I expect from “The New ‘Million Dollar an Hour’ Fast Food King”?

Based on my analysis, I’ve placed a 1,850% upside on this stock’s share price.

If that prediction comes to pass over time, as I suspect it will…

You could turn every $500 you invest into $9,250.

And every $5,000 you invest into $92,500.

Now, because this stock could be perfectly positioned for immediate liftoff, it’s critical that you take action within the next 72 hours.

I showed you how the chart and the Balance of Power just shifted dramatically.

The tide has turned, and the now
a massive wave of money is upon us...

That’s why I want to get the research, name and ticker symbol of this very special stock into your hands immediately.

Lock in Your Spinoff Millionaires Membership Today for a Chance at a 1,850% Win on Your First Opportunity!

But I’m not going to stop there…

Earlier, I mentioned that I expect you to potentially pocket a FULL $25,450 as my way of saying, “Welcome to Spinoff Millionaires”…

And “The New ‘Million Dollar an Hour’ Fast Food King” is merely the first major “Hyper-X” payday along the way…

I’ve got two more spinoff stocks I’m watching very closely right now.

As soon as the Balance of Power indicator shows they’re resting squarely in Hyper-X territory, I’ll rush you all my research along with those buy instructions as well.

Here’s just a peek at what you can expect to see hit your inbox in the coming weeks…

Spring-Loaded Spinoff Alert…

2 More Red-Hot Spinoff Stocks Potentially
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I hope I’ve made it clear that I don’t pass along “good enough” spinoffs to you…

I pass along only those opportunities primed to double your money very quickly.

So, I’ve got two that aren’t yet firmly in that sweet spot as of writing this… yet should be within the next 10–14 days.

And when they hit, they could soar high and fast, just like the extraordinary historical examples I’ve shared with you today.

Here’s a preview:

Hyper-X Watchlist: Spinoff #1

The Pipeline Spinoff Pummeling the Saudis While Passing Along 90% of Profits to American Investors

Ticker Symbol: XXXX

Industry: Oil and Gas

Current Upside Range: 423%–622%

Institutional Ownership: 49% (29% higher than our minimum!)

Insider Ownership: 4,619,916 shares (46 times our minimum!)

Balance of Power:

Pressure is lifting… line is moving up and appears days away from turning GREEN.


Key Highlights:

Hyper-X Watchlist: Spinoff #2

The Biotech Spinoff Set to End the Opioid Crisis by Making Chronic Pain Nonexistent

Ticker Symbol: XXXX

Industry: Biotech

Current Upside Range: 188%–203%

Institutional Ownership: 78.5% (58.5% higher than our minimum!)

Insider Ownership: 604,023 shares (6 times our minimum!)

Balance of Power:

Nice, steady release of pressure… green means GO, and I expect to see it appear in the next few days…
watch your inbox!

Hyper-X Status: PENDING

Key Highlights:

To make big money, you need an edge today.

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I’ll even go one step further.

Here’s a quick look at precisely how Spinoff Millionaires will add value to your life (and possibly money to your bank account) over the next 12 months, starting immediately…

You’ll get:


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Two More “Hyper-X” Trade Recommendations Delivered to You on a Silver Platter — As soon as the Balance of Power shifts into our favor, it’s GO time on these exciting energy and biotech spinoffs. But I won’t send them until my tool confirms they’re sitting right in the Hyper-X sweet spot.


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Nexoptic Technology (NXOPF)… 639%

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3D Systems Corp. (DDD)… 195%

Nvidia (NVDA)… 339%

Allot Communications (ALLT)… 101%

Medarex (MEDX)… 235%

Integrated Device Technology (IDTI)… 126%

Cognex Corp. (CGNX)… 101%

LAM Research (LRCX)… 140%

Silicon Graphics (SGI)… 105%

ARM Holdings (ARMH)… 116%

NeuroDerm Rg (NDRM)… 156%

Aerie Pharmaceuticals (AERI)… 239%

Immunogen (IMGN)… 216%

Synageva (GEVA)… 196%

Seattle Genetics (SGEN)… 146%

NewLink Genetics (NLNK)… 321%

Endocyte (ECYT)… 266%

ISIS Pharmaceuticals (ISIS)… 364%

Celldex (CLDX)… 193%

Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX)… 150%

ION Geophysical (IO)… 112%

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index (EEM)… 128%

Coca-Cola (KO)… 133%

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)… 100%

Tenet Healthcare Corp. (THC)… 340%

Millennium & Copthorne (MLC)… 200%

Adobe (ADBE)… 111%

OHR Pharmaceuticals (OHRP)… 210%

Southwest Airlines (LUV)… 119%

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG)… 125%

Mohawk Industries (MHK)… 121%

BioTime (BTX)… 391%

Tapestry Inc. (TPR)… 102%

BlackRock (BLK)… 136%

F5 Networks (FFIV)… 103%

Canopy Group (CGC)… 222%

MedReleaf (LEAF)… 174%

Players Network (PNTV)… 164%

Uniqure Rg (QURE)… 278%

Compugen (CGEN)… 250%

Imagine opening up your brokerage account statement and seeing a list of gains just like this… month after month…

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To Your Wealth,

Mike Burnick's signature

Mike Burnick
America’s Leading Spinoff Stock Expert
Founder, Spinoff Millionaires
January 2019

P.S. High-growth spinoff stocks have paid out peak gains of 326%… 853%… 1,123%… and even a rare 32,880%. Thanks to newly announced guidance by the IRS, we could be entering a golden age of one new lucrative spinoff opportunity for every day of the week.

Through years of research, I’ve studied over a hundred spinoff cases over the last decade. My research showed that in 100% of those cases, “X-Shares” could have gone on to make investors money if they had perfect timing and a little luck. Now, I’ve used that deep knowledge base to develop a strategy designed to hunt down the biggest, fastest, most reliable spinoff stocks, called “Hyper-X Shares.”

Today, I’m sharing that with the public for the first time ever, and I want you to join me for a shot at becoming a Spinoff Millionaire this year.

P.P.S. Forbes, The Economist, The New York Times, Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal all rave that investing in spinoffs is a way to get a real edge in the markets.

But the lack of publicity surrounding these deals means most investors never even know about them until all the potential profits are gone. Spinoff Millionaires is the only trading research service dedicated to getting you out in front of these opportunities for a chance to double your money on each trade — at a bare minimum.

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