America’s #1 Penny Pot Stock Expert Predicts…

The Last Penny Pot
Stocks You’ll Ever Need

How a Small Starting Stake Turned
Into $1,245,558… And how it could
happen again… by June 7, 2018

“Spending on legal cannabis… is expected to hit $57 billion.”

Dear Fortune-Seeker,

Penny pot stock fever’s back in a big way.

There’s real money on the table, right now.

It’s your chance at a fast fortune.

You can get started minutes from now with penny pot stocks for as little as $100.

That’s why you’re reading this. You want in on the action.

You want to learn about how to get ahead of the pot stock rush of 2018.

Today, right here, I’m going to discuss the LAST penny pot stocks you’ll ever need.

Because they could make you so much money, you may never need to buy pot stocks (or maybe any other stocks) ever again.

The headlines make it clear as day:

CNN MONEY, January 31, 2018:

The U.S. Legal Marijuana Industry
Is Booming

USA TODAY, April 20, 2018:

Marijuana Industry Poised for Supercharged Growth Thanks to Trump

CNBC, April 20, 2018:

The Growth of Cannabis Culture Could Be Bad News for Beer

FORBES, April 9, 2018:

Marijuana Is the Fastest Growing
Job Category

FOX, May 1, 2018:

Missouri House Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

BLOOMBERG, April 11, 2018:

Ex-Speaker John Boehner Joins Marijuana Firm’s Advisory Board

Even John Boehner, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, a long-time opponent of cannabis…

…Recently joined the advisory board of Acreage Holdings, a pot company that cultivates legal pot in 11 different states.

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld also joined the board at Acreage.

Bloomberg, CNN, Fortune, NPR and others all ran the story just weeks ago.

Boehner sees the dollar signs. And you should too.

2018’s the year of pot.

If you take the simple steps you’ll see below, you could turn just $100 into a huge fortune by November 6.

Maybe even by Thursday, June 7. How?

It’s possible because of certain penny pot stocks no one’s talking about… yet.

I know the whole story on these hidden penny pot stocks. And I want to show you everything I’ve found…

Hello Friend, Ray Blanco Here…

When Fox Business needs a pot stock expert, they call me.

Taking the pot stock story nationwide on Fox Business

Over 85,000 readers around the world get my pot stock research.

I’ve talked about pot on television, radio, internet shows — you name it — since the pot stock story first broke wide open.

If it’s an urgent pot stock moneymaking opportunity, I know about it.

Insiders and dealmakers in the legal pot business call me to ask my opinion on their plans.

That’s not bragging.

It’s just me getting my credentials out there right off the bat so we can get to what really counts:

How you turn a little bit of starting cash into the chance at a fast fortune with the best penny pot stocks.

Maybe even as much as $1,245,558.

Yes, that would be incredible, rare, unprecedented and life-changing.

But it could happen to you.

BEFORE November 6. In fact…

It could happen as soon as June 7.

Because I predict an announcement by one secretive organization will have global impact on pot profits…

And could make fast movers rich beyond their dreams…

June 7… that’s the target date for the predictions you’ll see here today…

November 6 is the cherry on top.

Know this — your riches could get rolling June 7 and reach maximum overdrive by November 6.

All the research is clear, the stars are aligning and today you’ll get the real story.

You DIDN’T MISS the Biggest Penny
Pot Stock Gains

Some think the biggest penny pot stock gains are gone.

They’re wrong.

And some “experts” will tell you Canadian pot stocks are the only ones that matter.

They’re wrong too.

Bloomberg, Business Insider, Reuters… and all the rest.

You’ve seen the stories lately.

The major media’s falling all over themselves about Canadian pot stocks.

Bloomberg, for example, wrote about Prime Minister Trudeau’s push to get marijuana legalized by this summer.

Great for Canada, full nationwide legalization’s going to be a game changer. And there are TONS of great opportunities to make a mint.

Fact is, though, some of the biggest gains…the most explosive pot stock wins… are going to come from right here in the U.S.A.

And they could land in your pocket by November 6, 2018.

The gains you’re about to see (they’re shockingly huge) are just the start.

Canada and the U.S. — working together for global penny pot stock domination!

Here’s how you could claim your piece of the epic penny pot stock fortunes ahead starting with as little as $100.

Proof! 2018’s Best Penny
Pot Stocks, Revealed

On November 2, 2017, a tiny penny pot stock no one ever heard of called Alliance Growers Corp. (SYMBOL: ACG) traded for $0.095.

That’s nine and a half cents per share.

Super-penny pot stock!

By January 2, 2018, ACG traded at $1.20.

Good for an increase of 1,163%.

In just two months.

Here’s the chart of the move…

$100 in ACG on November 2 would’ve turned into $1,263 in 60 days.

That’s a fun weekend away.

Months and months of car payments.

Or a new deck on the back of your house!

Sure, it’s a great gain. But it’s not going to make you rich.

Let’s keep looking for more penny pot stock winners!

Also on November 2, 2017, a U.S. penny pot stock called Grow Condos Inc. (GRWC) traded for $0.0139.

That’s one-point-three-nine cents per share! An ultra-penny pot stock!

By December 27, 2017 — less than two months later — GRWC traded for $0.218.

GRWC was a huge penny pot stock win of 1,472% you could’ve booked!

Here’s the move…

Just $100 in GRWC on November 2…

…Would’ve exploded to $1,572 a few days before New Year’s Eve.

That’s a nice cash boost.

Money to pay the mortgage for a month.

Or give your grandkids a big gift for the start of the new school semester.

Fact is, though, wins like turning $100 into $1,263 or $1,572 STILL aren’t going to make you rich with penny pot stocks.

They’re great gains, for sure. These gains can put you on your way.

But they’re not going to put you on Easy Street.

Our search continues!

1,429% and 1,481% Penny Pot Stock Gains…
Still Not the Biggest Pot Stock Gains
Out There!

On November 8, 2017, PotNetwork Holdings Inc. (POTN) traded for $0.05 a share.

Again, POTN is an American company. Its stock trades right here in the U.S.

That’s a NICKEL! Just five cents a share.

A PERFECT penny pot stock.

By January 26, 2018, POTN had shot all the way up to $0.85 a share.

That’s a 1,429% gain.

Again, here’s the chart showing the big move…

Just $100 in POTN on November 8 would’ve exploded to $1,529 on January 26.

Good money, but not great money.

When it comes to penny pot stocks that can hand you the biggest piles of cash, we can do better.

Back on January 13, 2017, THC Farmaceuticals Inc. (CBDG) shares traded for $0.05 each.

Another nickel-per-share penny pot stock.

By Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017 — just one month later — shares shot up to $0.79 each.

That’s a 1,481% gain.

Enough to turn $100 into $1,581.

Here’s the chart of this super-fast penny pot stock win…

This is all evidence of real money you could’ve made on fast-moving penny pot stocks.

But even if you put all these gains together… with $100, $250 or even $500 to start…





You’re still only kind of rich… not really rich.

Like pick up the phone, tell the boss where to go, then set off to sail the Caribbean rich.

You want the shot at getting really rich from penny pot stocks…

That’s why…

In a Moment You’ll See Other Quick,
In-and-Out Penny Pot Stock Wins Too

Gains like 867%, 880%, 978%… and more.

The penny pot stocks that can turn a small starting stake into a fast fortune are out there.

You just have to know where to look… and when to strike.

When to scoop them up on the cheap, for pennies a share.

And grab the biggest gains when they jump!

That’s where I can help.

Now, here’s the thing.

Past gains are great.

But the past performance isn’t a guarantee of future success, and it isn’t going to make anyone rich.

To see where the biggest penny pot stock fortunes are coming from next…

We need to look deeper.

And you need a full picture of what makes November 6 so important to your chance at a huge penny pot stock windfall.

Before I show you what comes next for the best penny pot stocks…

I’m going to reveal — given the right timing and a bit of luck — *exactly* how you could’ve turned just $100…

Into $1,245,588 with just TWO penny pot stocks in the last few months.

This is incredible.

And to be clear, I would never actually recommend attempting this method. This is a historical case I’m using to show you an accelerated example of the power behind the plays I target.

Yes, what you’re about to see are real stocks, real stock tickers, real companies…

…And a real fortune you could’ve collected with just $100.

$100 Explodes Into $1,245,588 With Just
TWO Penny Pot Stocks — ULTIMATE

On November 14, 2017, you could’ve grabbed shares of Cannabis Strategic Ventures (NUGS) for $0.03.

$100 would’ve snagged you 3,333 shares.

On January 3, 2018, those 3,333 shares would’ve been worth $19,405.

That’s right.

You could’ve turned $100 into $19,405 in about a month and a half.

Here’s the chart of what happened…

Again, that’s a real move, a real company, a real penny pot stock and a real ticker symbol.

Now, let’s be reasonable.

Let’s say you took your original $100 away from your big win on NUGS.

The $100 you used at the start goes back in your pocket.

And you have a new cash pile of $19,305.

Just a few days later, on January 9, 2018…

You could’ve used your $19,305 to snag shares of Big Time Holdings Inc. (BTHI) for $0.0155.

That’s a cent and a half per share.

Ready for what happens next?

On March 23, 2018 — just a few weeks ago — shares of BTHI traded for $1.00 per share.

Here’s the proof…

That jump would’ve shot your $19,305 all the way up to $1,245,558.

Now, I’ll be honest… this example is based on an accelerated strategy, which is risky. People can lose all their money as much as they can make massive wealth.

I don’t want anyone betting more money than they’re willing to lose.

I’m highlighting this example, and the massive gains it produced, to show you the full power behind this strategy and the incredible amount of theoretical money at play here.

Hello Easy Street.

Two penny pot stocks.

And just $100 to start turns into a fast…

One Million. Two-Hundred Forty-Five
Thousand. Five-Hundred Eighty-Eight

Two moves. Just a few weeks.

$100 could’ve turned into $1,245,588.

Pay the brokerage fees.

Pay taxes.

Give money away.

Pay off the house.

Take the dream vacation.

Buy a car. Or two.

You know what you have then?

You still have a huge pile of cash.

You just saw proof — living daylights proof — of how you could’ve turned $100 into $1,245,588 with just two penny pot stocks.

Like I said, I didn’t find this in real time. I just want to show you an accelerated example of the power behind the plays I target.

If there’s any doubt in your mind about the incredible opportunity in penny pot stocks TODAY… RIGHT NOW… in 2018 — lose that doubt this minute, brother.

Because when you see what’s COMING NEXT for the best penny pot stocks, and what I predict will take place by June 7 and then again by November 6 this year…

You’ll agree.

The penny pot stock party’s just getting started.

It’s not too late.

You didn’t miss out … yet.

You got here at the perfect moment.

Here’s why…

Strong Forces Lining Up Right Now for
Huge Penny Pot Stock Gains Through
November 6

November 6, 2018. (It’s a Tuesday.)

Does the date ring a bell?

That’s right, it’s Election Day in America.

All over the country, in small towns and big cities, voters will head to the polls.

They’re electing representatives for Congress.



And all the local officials you learned about in government class in school.

Voters all over the country are also going to vote on… you guessed it: pot.

Marijuana. Cannabis. Weed.

Call it whatever you want.

The result’s the same…

The money’s there for the taking.


CNBC said on April 19,

“Legal weed has reached a tipping point in the Trump era.”

The Detroit Free Press reported on April 26

that legal marijuana will be on the ballot in Michigan this November.

On May 1,

California Senator Diane Feinstein said she no longer opposes legal marijuana, The Washington Post reported.

CNN said on April 13

...That President Trump promised Colorado Senator Cory Gardner he will not take steps to stop states that have already legalized marijuana.

Starting to see the momentum building?

But wait, there’s more to this… we’re just getting started.

Fortune and Investor’s Business Daily report, as recently as April 19,

that GW Pharmaceuticals’ (GWPH) new CBD-derived drug for childhood epilepsy, Epidiolex, could become the first natural cannabis compound drug ever approved. It could happen in the second half of this year, the company says.

Plus, the same polling group that conducts polls for President Trump recently found 77% of likely voters in 2018 support at least legal medical marijuana.

And Gallup polling released results in October saying nationwide, 64% of respondents said marijuana should be legal across the board.

You can’t get 64% of Americans to agree the sky is blue.

But they agree pot should be legal.

The momentum keeps building… stronger and stronger.

From the corridors of power in Washington D.C. and state capitols across the nation…

To research labs at big pharma companies…

To mom-and-pop shops where hardworking people seek the best business opportunity to make a better life for their family.

Cannabis is here.

Pot’s not going anywhere.

Weed’s going to change lives and make people rich.

And it already has.


When pot was legalized in Colorado, fast movers saw incredible gains.

  • Like 833% in Terra Tech Corp.
  • 1,400% in The Supreme Cannabis Co.
  • And an astronomical 11,400% gain in PotNetwork Holding Inc.

History repeated when California legalized weed too…

That’s when you could have seen gains of…

  • 784% in Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Or 1,329% in Liberty Health Sciences Inc.
  • And a wild 5,608% in Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp.

See the pattern? When states legalize pot

Penny pot stocks smash through the roof and make early investors filthy rich.

Marijuana is the cash crop to end all cash crops.

But that was just the beginning, because…

On November 6, Election Day, 2018 — it could be the day that the whole story breaks wide open and the flood of gains overwhelms the markets.



New Jersey…

More and more states. The tide is rising.

And U.S.-based pot companies are going to return the biggest fortunes to early movers like you.

And come Election Day, the whole country wins as the marijuana legalization wave reaches new highs.

Are you ready to claim your piece of the upcoming fortunes?


Imagine Going Back to the First Oil Fields…
and Planting Your Flag. That’s Cannabis
Opportunity Today…

Imagine going back to Titusville, Pennsylvania, and watching the first oil well gush black goo out of the ground.

If you knew what you were looking at, and bought a stake in that first oil well…

…Well, we probably wouldn’t be talking right now.

You’d be so rich — generations later — you’d be at a fancy billionaire’s charity benefit dinner. Or hunting quail in Patagonia.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that’s going to happen to you with penny pot stocks.

First off, you should never use money to speculate on penny pot stocks that you need to feed your family or keep the lights on.

And you should always keep a close eye on the penny pot stocks you buy, so you know when things are going your way and when they’re not.

Again, this is where I can help.

The point you need to see right now is the marijuana boom’s just starting.

These are the early innings of a boom that’s going to spread and grow…

Until cannabis is a $57 billion industry just like the Forbes prediction you saw at the very start of this note.

Those who make the most decisive action… no later than June 7…

Stand to start raking in the biggest early fortunes.


That’s because on June 7, a secretive World Health Organization (WHO) panel releases new information about the “global opinion” on marijuana…

It could cause a huge wave of media (and penny pot stock) interest. Overnight.

THEN… when you add in big political momentum ahead of the November 6 elections… you can see the pot stock wave of 2018’s set to mint millionaires!

And if you decide today… I think you can make even more money, because…

Today, with your permission, I’d like to send you an urgent email alert detailing my favorite penny pot stock right now.

This new penny pot stock I’m tracking trades for just $3.60 per share.

$100’s more than enough to get started.

You can review my research and then decide if you want to buy shares.

Then, I’ll send you more penny pot stock email alerts — sometimes several times per month — every time my research system shows me a big gain is possible.

This will go on all year long — through Election Day and beyond — me using my network, connections and research to give you the best shot possible…

At an epic, potentially life-changing fortune from penny pot stocks!

You have questions. You need to see more proof.

Understood. Very reasonable.

To make the most of this epic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you need to have all the facts at hand.

That’s why I’ll happily show you…

Real Readers Speak Out — Proof of Penny Pot Stock Gains Rolling In

Real folks, just like you.

They get my penny pot stock research.

Here are some of their results…

$40,000 Penny Pot Stock Win!

“Thanks for the recommendation on Arena! I bought 5,200 shares yesterday morning and made nearly $40,000! Not bad for one day’s ‘work.’ More, please!”

Bruce W. — Oklahoma

$13,000 Penny Pot Stock Win!

“Continued… at a profit of $9 per share. Total profit, $13,000. I don’t know if it is better to be smart or lucky. Thanks!”

Nancy T. — Florida

$24,000 Penny Pot Stock Win!

“It recovered nicely on Tuesday of this week and I was able to make $24,000 in one trading session, which is absolutely amazing, thanks to you.”

Norman D. — Montana

The next note I get like those above…

…I want it to come from YOU!

Here’s how you can get going today on your own path to a potential fortune from the best penny pot stocks.

Fact is…

The Penny Pot Stock Riches You “Missed”
Were Just the Beginning…

What’s coming by November 6 is the “holy grail” of penny pot stock investing…

It’s the next logical step toward full legalization across America.

But if you’re not positioned by June 7… you could lose out on the most explosive gains.

Because the WHO announcement due June 7 could mean the cat’s totally out of the bag on the marijuana investing opportunity once and for all.

All the evidence says the same thing…

On May 3, Reason

...Reported state legislators in Maine overrode the governor’s veto of marijuana legislation.

The voters in Maine spoke, and the government listened.

Also on May 3, The New York Daily News

...Released poll results saying 63% of New Yorkers support legalizing marijuana.

CNN said in April

...that New Jersey, New York and New Mexico could all be among the next states to legalize pot.

CBS News also in April

...Mentioned a push in Oklahoma and Utah — to expand medical access for those who could benefit from marijuana compounds to help treat disease.

You can see it.

You see the wave coming.

And now you’re ready to claim your piece of fortunes like…

Fast 867%, 880%, Even 978%
Penny Pot Stock Gains

A moment ago I promised to show you EVEN MORE penny pot stock gains you could start raking in.

On October 3, 2017, you could get shares of Newstrike Resources Ltd. (HIP) for $0.30 a share.

Pure penny pot stock magic, right there.

By January 9, 2018, shares had shot all the way up to $2.95.

That’s a lightning-fast 867% penny pot stock gain.

Here’s the move…

Starting the day before, on October 2, 2017, another penny pot stock called Nutritional High International (EAT) traded for just $0.10.

That’s just a dime per share.

That’s 10 shares… for a dollar.

A classic penny pot stock.

By December 28, not even 90 days later, EAT shares traded for $0.98 each.

That’s an 880% gain.

Here’s the chart…

But wait, there’s more…

There are great penny pot stocks all over the markets right now.

And the best ones are returning stunning gains. Over and over again.

Take Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd. (LIB) as a great example.

On October 2, 2017, LIB shares went for $0.09 each.

Nine cents. As pure a penny pot stock as you’ll ever see.

By January 9, 2018, shares had spiked all the way to $0.97.

Just over three months, and just about a 10x gain.

LIB shares could’ve given you a fast 978% win, to be exact.

Once again, here’s the move…

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

All these gains, and the vast fortunes you’ve seen…

They all look great.

But how do I research the best penny pot stocks and deliver YOU the biggest gain potential over and over again?

Great question. Short answer — my team and I spent a ton of money to build what you’re about to see.

Longer answer — I have a $265,000+ supercomputer to help me find the best penny pot stocks.

Here are the details…

321,120 Supercomputer Calculations
Every Day With One Goal: Find You
the Best Penny Pot Stocks

It took years to develop. And more money than I care to think about.

But it was worth it.

The supercompter stock-scanning system I use does over 321,120 calculations a day… that’s over 9 million every month.

And boils everything down to a handful of potential penny pot stock winners…

Then I use my connections, contacts and experience in the industry to pick the stock with the best chance to make you rich.

Combining my knowledge and the supercomputer’s calculations…

Is — without a doubt — your best chance to get wealthy with penny pot stocks.

Will I tell you exactly where the supercomputer lives?

For security reasons, unfortunately, I can’t do that.

But it’s located just outside D.C., close to U.S. intelligence headquarters…

Locked in a vault with the most top-of-the-line, special-access-only security money can buy.

Every time the system signals a buy, I’m alerted instantly…

That’s why I’m writing you today…

I just got another flash alert from the supercomputer…

And I want to send it to you today.

It’s urgent.

I’ll even send you my full analysis that will detail everything you need to know…

Company names, stock tickers and exactly when and how much to buy.

I call these special alerts Penny Pot Flashes.

The system kicks out a Penny Pot Flash alert on a select penny pot stock…

…And I send that information right to you, along with the research I’ve compiled about this opportunity.

You get everything you need to know, in one quick email.

Penny Pot Flashes are exactly how you could take just $100 to start and turn it into a huge fortune with the best penny pot stocks.

Yes, that’s right.

I want to send you an urgent Penny Pot Flash RIGHT NOW.

All the details on how to get it in just a second…

First, a friendly word of caution.

This Isn’t for Everyone… and That’s OK

I already said it, but I want to make sure we’re clear…

I can’t send these Penny Pot Flashes to all of my 85,000 readers.

Not even close.

These super-fast-moving penny pot stocks are WAY too small.

If too many people trade these little pot stocks, they become even more volatile…

Which would tick off all my readers, because then everyone makes less money.

I need a small crew.

But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t take advantage of today’s Penny Pot Flash…

It just means I can only offer this research to a select few…

And we have to be on the same page.

So I need to know right now…

Decision Time: Are You In or Out?

I can offer you access to everything I do and everything I know…

Including my supercomputer’s penny pot stock picks…

By inviting you to join my limited-distribution penny pot stock research letter…

Called Penny Pot Profits.

But before I get into what it’s all about, I should warn you…

It might not be right for you.

If you’re the type of person who has NEVER taken a risk in your life…

If you’ve NEVER gone after what you really wanted…

And you’ve ALWAYS played it safe…

I don’t want you to do something that’s out of character for who you really are.

Because what we’re talking about here is the chance to make big money on small, sometimes microscopic penny pot stocks…

In a very short amount of time.

You’re in.

You collect your profits.

And you get out.

You aren’t in it for the long run.

You’re in it to stack up fast penny pot stock wins.

And I know that may scare some folks.

This is how we weed out the ones who aren’t serious about turning just $100 to start into a potential fortune with the best penny pot stocks.

So if you’d rather listen to the “gurus” on CNBC…

Or take stock advice from Yahoo Finance, be my guest.

But if you want the chance to get rich — pay attention…

Why We Have to Keep the Circle So Small

Penny Pot Profits is the world’s best (and was also the first) research service when it comes to getting rich with penny pot stocks.

It all works by using my supercomputer to identify buy signals…

From there, I use my knowledge to narrow these down to the very best prospects.

Which I will then URGENTLY send to you…

Along with my analysis of the situation in a brief email…

Letting you know that a Penny Pot Flash is in the making.

And look, you will NOT find these Penny Pot Flash alerts anywhere else.

As far as I know, this publication is the only dedicated marijuana investing research advisory of its kind.

I told you my team and I have spent a mint on this…

And countless hours building this strategy just so we could get it into your hands.

You don’t need to know a lot about the stock market.

And you don’t need a lot of money.

All you need to do is be willing to take a small chance… like $100.

And have a little more guts than the average guy…

Because Penny Pot Profits doesn’t settle for measly gains.

We’re on the hunt for pot stocks with limitless potential for lightning-fast growth.

Stocks that could trade at a penny today…

And a dollar tomorrow.

That’s how you can begin to turn $100 into $1,245,588 like the stock string example you saw earlier.

Giving you that chance is why my supercomputer does over 9 million calculations per month…

And why I boil down the results to just the hottest penny pot stocks and send you an immediate research alert and recommendation.

Because these types of trades can be so timely and urgent, I’m even going to send a text message directly to your phone.

With your permission, of course.

In these email alerts, I’ll tell you exactly what moves to make.

But I won’t stop there…

You’ll also get a clear view of how much of a potential model portfolio could be put into each play.

That way you will never have to worry about over- or underdoing it.

More on that in a second…

And listen closely — you’re going to love how simple it is to follow these research alerts.

First, because today’s situation is so urgent, my team and have a long list of free gifts we want you to have…

Yours Free: Penny Pot Stock Quick-Start
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I recently made a two-part video series just for new Penny Pot Profits readers.

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…And more.

If you’ve never bought a penny pot stock before, this will get you right up to speed.

The second part of my penny pot stock video quick-start guide talks about Canadian penny pot stocks.

Yes, the biggest opportunity right now, based on all my research, is in U.S.-based penny pot stocks.

But it would be foolish to ignore even more gain potential… just because it was Canada-based.

Penny Pot Profits is all about the biggest penny pot stock gains, no matter where they come from.

I’ll send you my two-part video penny pot stock quick-start guide free, right to your email. It’ll play on your computer.


Yours Free: The World’s Only
Penny Pot Index

Here’s something else I want to give you when you join Penny Pot Profits that you can’t get anywhere else…

The geniuses I partnered with to build the penny pot stock supercomputer…

Also built what is basically a “temperature gauge” for all pot stocks.

It’s like the S&P 500, but instead of following big, famous companies everyone knows about…

It tracks the most promising penny pot stocks we’ve found using our strategy.

Then it puts them into this easy-to-follow chart so you can see where the market is going.

You can access it online any time you want, and I’m also going to manually add live updates in real time…

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This is your personal red light, green light so you can easily follow along with what’s happening.

Just like the S&P 500, but for penny pot stocks.

And, I’m also going to give you an exclusive guide showing you how to use it…

It’s called…

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Here’s something else you won’t find anywhere else…

Yours Free: Early Access Pre-Penny
Pot Flashes

Now, this is something really special…

And I’ll be very clear about this…

I can’t make any promises on this one.

But with groundbreaking research like Penny Pot Profits, I want to do everything I can to make this a one-of-a-kind experience.

So earlier I told you all about all of the research I’ve done in the pot industry…

Growers, producers, investors…

All the moves and connections I’ve made, all the miles I’ve traveled to find the smallest opportunities and most unique businesses..

That have the most potential to hit it big…

And I want to give you a shot at something special…

Fact is, there are small marijuana companies all over the country that still haven’t even gone public yet.

And if you have an untrained eye and no connections…

This may look like a closed opportunity…

But I have a way to get around this…

Every once in a while, there may be a one-time shot to invest in these private companies.

And take home the lion’s share of gains.

I’m going to keep my ear to the ground just in case the chance arises…

You will be THE very first to know.

Investing before these small pot stocks IPO is when you get a chance at a grand slam gain.

So I’m going to keep you alerted…

And there are more great benefits you’ll get when you join today…

That’s why today I also want to send you:

  • Yours FREE — A ticket to the first-ever Penny Pot Stock Investor’s Conference — With all the rapid growth in the legal marijuana market, I’m considering hosting a conference of my own. I want to put together all of the world’s penny pot stock professionals into the same room… including my team and several pros in my Rolodex. When you join today, I will automatically put you on the list for a free ticket when and if this happens. My connections become YOUR connections.
  • Yours FREE — The Legalization Tracker — We just saw the number of legal marijuana states increase… but it’s key to know the difference between full legalization, medical-use only and decriminalization. Each one presents a different way to profit. That’s why I keep track of ALL legalization news and give it to you in an easy-to-decipher format. That way, you can collect gain chances as soon as big news hits.

And, of course, as a subscriber to Penny Pot Profits, you’ll be instantly alerted to any buy and sell recommendations that my supercomputer helps me lock onto…

We’ll be targeting 2–3 plays PER MONTH.

That’s more than 24 different shots to profit each and every year…

24 different times to kick-start your own penny pot stock fortune.

As soon as it’s time, I’ll send you an urgent BUY alert via email.

And, of course, I’ll also text message an alert to check your email, too. That way you’ll know it’s time to act no matter if you’re on a boat… golf course… or at work.

Fact is…

I just want you to understand exactly how serious I am about showing you how to make money…

Which explains why this information I’m giving you is not cheap…

Penny Pot Profits Isn’t Cheap

If I set a low price tag on Penny Pot Profits, everyone would buy it.

And then too many people would have this info…

The next thing you know, all of these little stocks would shoot up.

I’d have a ton of mad readers who couldn’t get in.

I don’t want mad readers…

I’d rather have a few very happy (and serious!) readers.

Keep the group small, remember.

With that in mind, I’m keeping distribution of Penny Pot Profits as restricted as possible, and protected from lookie-loos.

That’s why I have to keep my prices high…

The published price of one year of Penny Pot Profits is a reasonable $3,000.

Think about how much money I’ve shown you there is to make using Penny Pot Flashes…

You saw an example here today of how just $100 could’ve turned into $1,245,558.

That’s off the charts! I’m not suggesting you’ll see a gain that exceptional from any of my recommendations, but my research and recommendations give you serious gain potential.

$3,000 is a bargain and you know it.

Think about it. Even if you don’t land the big winner and take home a million…

What if you took in just 1/100th of that gain?

You’d still wind up with a cool $10,000…

You could pay for three subscriptions with that… with more money left over.

And I won’t stop there.

Just imagine if you put $500 into one of these penny pot stocks…

We’ll say it trades at $0.02…

If that thing goes up to a measly $0.20 — you’ve already made $5,000…

That’s just a move of two dimes. Stocks move up and down that much all the time…

Even better — what if it went up to a dollar?

You could turn $500 into $25,000. Just like that…

The point is these stocks can change lives with just a little move.

When that much money is on the line, $3,000 doesn’t sound so bad.

Here’s the deal, though… $3,000 is too much for you, today, with this much penny pot stock opportunity on the horizon right in front of us.

More on that in a second… first:

When you join Penny Pot Profits today, you’ll receive…

  • Today’s URGENT Penny Pot Flash alert — I’m going to email you all the details on the Penny Pot Flash you need to see RIGHT NOW. You get it the second you join me. Each Penny Pot Flash includes the name of the company, the stock ticker and exactly when to buy.
  • 2–3 new Penny Pot Flashes every month — Each month my supercomputer makes over 9 million calculations. And I take that data and narrow it down to just 2–3 penny pot stocks to recommend to you each month. Along with my full analysis about the play, I’ll always recommend a buy-up-to price. This will give you the best possible chance to cash in on the next massive Penny Pot Flash, without the risk of chasing the stock.
  • Unlimited access to our personal, friendly customer service team — I didn’t outsource this. This is my local Baltimore team — call any time Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Eastern with any questions, and they will be politely and fully answered.
  • And don’t forget your FREE bonuses — your two-part penny pot stock quick-start guide video series
  • The world’s only Penny Pot Index
  • And early access Pre-Penny Pot Flashes
  • PLUS a priority seat for the pending Penny Pot Investor’s Conference
  • And The Legalization Tracker
  • Plus every alert, report and special bonus I issue… and complete access to the Penny Pot Profits member website

Now here’s where it gets even better…

Penny Pot Profits: Unlike Anything
You’ve Ever Seen Before

You saw today why we’re in a once-in-a-lifetime situation right now…

The ending of a prohibition.

The legalization of pot.

A new market that could grow into a $57 billion industry, according to Forbes.

Creating a once-in-a-lifetime PROFIT situation for you.

That’s why I’m doing something you’ve NEVER seen before.

While the rest of the newsletter market will sell you a service for $3,000 a year…

And then try to renew you each and every year for thousands of dollars…

We’re not going to do that.

I’m giving you a once-in-a-lifetime offer that sets you up to potentially profit from this once-in-a-lifetime situation…

Here’s how…

When you subscribe to Penny Pot Profits today, you’ll get LIFETIME access to this publication…

For just $2,000.

That’s a savings right to you of a full $1,000 off the YEARLY price.

But on top of that huge savings, and instead of just getting ONE YEAR

…You get LIFETIME access.

The $1,000 you save is more than enough to get you going on your own Penny Pot Flashes if you decide to take action.

It’s easy. You save $1,000 off the normal price.

And you get an unlimited lifetime of penny pot stock gain chances.

PLUS… all the bonuses and free access you saw above.

This is your lifetime profit plan.

This isn’t a single stock pick.

This is “all access” to my research, recommendations and connections for the eternity of this service…

You’ll see exactly how to profit from every nook, cranny and angle that comes up for years to come in the legal weed market…

In fact, if and when marijuana becomes totally legal across the whole U.S., I plan to stop publishing Penny Pot Profits and stop sending out flash alerts.

By then, all the big money will be gone.

It’ll be in YOUR pocket!

That’s why this special, one-time-only LIFETIME offer is so special.

From here to pot’s destiny, you get an unlimited, UNINTERRUPTED stream of penny pot stocks.

Just click the link below to get started.

And before I forget…

There is one more very small, but VERY important thing I need to tell you…

It’s actually one final thing I’m going to give you, free.

Check Your Mailbox: Special Gift
Coming to You

The minute you sign up for Penny Pot Profits I’m going to ship you a very special envelope…

Don’t worry, I’ll keep it very under-the-radar in a normal 9x12 tan envelope.

And what’s inside is ANYTHING but normal…

It’s the one thing that EVERY potential pot stock trader just needs to have…

Inside that envelope is literally the “profit difference maker.”

And I recommend you DO NOT buy or sell a single pot stock until you open that envelope and use what’s inside.

Because of all these gifts, and a $2,000 lifetime access price, I’m sure you understand why I cannot accept any refunds on this special offer.

I have over $265,000 wrapped up in bringing you this message today.

I only want you to act if you’re ready to potentially turn just $100 into a fast fortune with penny pot stocks. Starting right now…

When you act right now, you get my immediate Penny Pot Flash email alert.

Remember, this hot penny pot stock currently trades for just $3.60 per share.

But it has as much — maybe more — fast profit potential than all the other penny pot stocks you saw here today. The sky’s the limit.

$100 could snag you 28 shares right now.

If you decide to make the move, you’re on your way. But…

Only 250 Spots Available Today…

I told you I was keeping the group small.

That’s why we have to limit this to just 250 spots per day.

You saw all the historical gains. All the future potential.

You witnessed just how much money you could’ve made already.

You saw all the benefits and access you get with Penny Pot Profits

And we both agree this is the profit shot of a lifetime…

Now, you have three options.

Option #1 — Ignore Everything
You’ve Learned Today

You do absolutely nothing.

Even after all the evidence you’ve seen today.

You now know all about the marijuana industry and its inevitable boom.

You know about these Penny Pot Flashes.

But you could choose to ignore this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and watch as others get rich around you…


Option #2 — Risk Everything
by Going at It Alone

You can take what you’ve learned today and go at it alone…

And good for you!

You’d be crazy, but at least you’d show guts.

Maybe more guts than brains.

At least you’re in the right market to make a fortune.

You can sift through the thousands of data points on all these penny pot plays.

You can spend the countless hours separating the good from the bad.

And you can try to time your own buy and sell signals, rolling the dice each time you make a move.

Good luck!

Or you can choose the final option (the right one)…

Option #3 — Tap Into Research From the
Penny Pot Stock Supercomputer
and Get a Flood of Gain Chances

Take action today…

And it could have one of the greatest possible impacts on your life.

All you need to do is click the “SUBSCRIBE NOW” button at the end of this letter right now.

You can jump in on your very first Penny Pot Flash, if you decide you want to act.

The fact is…

These tiny penny stock plays could make fast movers an absolute fortune.

You could be one of them.

You’ve seen how quickly it can happen.

The recommendations in the Penny Pot Flash I want to send you right now could take off at any moment.

You do not want to get caught sitting on the fence debating.

The June 7 deadline is almost here… but anything could happen in this wild industry…

Don’t miss out on any potential profits.

You’re in.

Or you’re out.

The decision you make right now could change your life forever.

Click the “SUBSCRIBE NOW” button below to get started…

I’m looking forward to showing you a LIFETIME full of penny pot stock riches…



Ray Blanco
Founder, Penny Pot Profits
May 2018



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