Tiny Pennsylvania Biotech to
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2.3 million doctors could give “thumbs up”
to company’s new drug, paving way to
industry-wide disruption in coming months

Here’s how you could turn a small stake into over $342,840 in one simple move.

107 miles outside New York City, a tiny $7/share biotech company is making history…

And could soon make investors a fortune.

They’ve created a breakthrough drug which could solve a major problem costing health insurance companies $72.5 billion each year to control…

And when this tiny company’s drug gets approved by the FDA - which I see happening just months from now - BIG money will be made.

Gains as much as 17,042% are possible as this company disrupts a critical sector of medicine.

That’s like turning every $1,000 into $171,420… every $2,000 into $342,840... And every $10,000 into $1.7 million.

Surely that sounds unbelievable to you now… extraordinary gains like this don’t come around often, and the biotech sector can sometimes be risky…

But the proof is in the pudding.

Because in one study, this company’s leading drug worked 36 times faster than the current industry standard.

If that’s not enough, this same drug has also been shown to be more effective than the industry standard at just 1/4th of the dosage.

In other words, it takes less of this company’s drug to have a faster impact than the current standard.

With ZERO side effects.

This is an incredibly abnormal opportunity… one which doesn’t come around often.

And the money could come much sooner than investors expect.

That’s because our US Surgeon General just did something unprecedented…

In a 444-word letter, he is pushing for alternative forms of treatment which could disrupt an entire sector of medicine.

This is the first time in history where a surgeon general has sent a letter directly to ALL 2.3 million doctors in America.

And this same letter could lead to this one tiny company's breakthrough treatment – which I’m calling “Super-Aspirin” – being placed on ALL pharmacy shelves in the coming months…

They would be granted the lion’s share of the sector, with ZERO competition.

Because all the other drugs of the same type would instantly become obsolete, being replaced by this ONE company’s breakthrough creation.

And history proves that when situations like this happen, HUGE pools of money open up to investors.

We’re talking big, big money here...

You’ll soon see why gains of 2,757% on the low end - and as much as 17,042% on the high end - are possible with this latest piece of breaking news.

Imagine getting in on the ground floor of this opportunity.

2,757% gains would be like turning every $2,000 into $57,140

every $5,000 into $142,850

and every $10,000 into $285,700

And imagine pocketing gains of 17,042% on the high end.

That would be like having every $10,000 turn into $1.7 million with this opportunity.

You could lock in a cushy retirement with those kinds of gains. Put the kids through school - DEBT FREE. Or travel the world without cutting into your savings.

But there’s much, much more to this story.

You see, this is huge news for ALL Americans - and those around the world - even if you’re NOT an investor.

The reason why is simple.

We’re all affected by this sector of medicine, and it could soon be fundamentally changed forever. Which is why I’m writing you today.

But it’s important you know this message will NOT be online forever...

Once the FDA makes their final decision – which could be anytime now – news will quickly spread…

And the doors to access this early-stage investment opportunity you have in front of you today will slam shut.

So if you’ re 25 …



even 90 years old…

You must pay close attention to this message right now.

Because this company's breakthrough drug could affect how we feel after our post-operative care… our quality of life… and the lives of those dearest to us.

This could be the biggest breakthrough
since aspirin in the 1890s

Before I tell you what this new medicine is and how it works, I need to tell you why it’s important you jump on this opportunity RIGHT NOW...

This company’s drug is the ONLY treatment of its kind the FDA has awarded Breakthrough Therapy Designation.

This means their drug is given priority in the approval process... placing it on the fast track to becoming available to the millions of patients who desperately need it.

Which is why I have no reservations making the claim that this could be the biggest breakthrough since aspirin.

You’ll see exactly why in a moment.

And get this…

  • Big investment firms like VanguardBlackRock… and Fidelity... are “all in” on this company’s latest innovation.
  • President Obama is also pitching $1.1 billion of funding into the problem this breakthrough could solve.
  • And the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is tossing in $7.65 million to ensure this company is successful.

The reason why is simple…

This tiny company is founded with technology licensed from Duke University, originating in the labs of a Nobel Prize-winning scientist.

But despite all this… the company’s stock is seriously undervalued.

And you’re not hearing about this company in the Wall Street Journal (yet).

But all this could change as soon as tomorrow.

Because hundreds of regular Americans have already taken this company’s miracle treatment, with amazing results.

It works better than the leading treatment and in a shorter amount of time, but with much less side effects.

You’ll learn everything about this groundbreaking news in a moment.

But it only takes a few of these patients to call up their local TV station, or go on Facebook and brag about their results, to cause this company’s stock to SHOOT TO THE MOON...

That’s why, if you’re looking to get into the “next big thing,” you need to pay close attention to everything in this message….

You’ll learn all about the science behind this company’s promising drug in plain English, and you’ll see all the math proving how much money early investors can expect to earn from backing it.

It’s surely going to cause an uproar in the medical community if it makes its way into local pharmacies in the coming months.

Here’s why. And how you could benefit from it.

2 Million Americans
Desperately Need This

If you open up your medicine cabinet right now, you’ll be surprised to know you could be in possession of one of America’s biggest killers.

The American Medical Association (AMA) says it’s now part of the 3rd leading category of killers in America, behind heart disease and cancer.

Some sources say there’s a good chance it’s actually the LEADING cause of death in America.

And soon, this killer is expected to be responsible for more American deaths than the entire Vietnam War.

It’s causing such a major crisis in America that groups like the CDC and the White House are throwing in BIG money to stop it.

$1.1 billion from the White House…. $7.65 million from the NIH… and much more.

I’m NOT talking about cocaine… heroin… sleeping pills, or anything like that.

It’s actually a LEGAL substance causing all these deaths…

And it’s costing health insurance companies an outstanding $72.5 billion each year to control.

But it’s quickly stressing their resources, as this mega health crisis gets bigger.

If that’s not enough, the American Society of Addiction Medicine claims, “Four in five new heroin users started out misusing [this specific substance].”

Celebrities like Heath Ledger…Bruce Lee…… Elvis Presley… and countless others have died from the dark side of these kinds of killers.

The musician, Prince, is the latest celebrity victim of this “legal heroin.”

He was addicted to it after being prescribed the drug in 2009 for hip problems caused by his technical dance routines on-stage.

I’m speaking, of course, about prescription painkillers… specifically opioids.

These doctor-prescribed opioid drugs are more addictive than any other substance known on Earth.

In 2014, the CDC estimated about 2 million people in the US were currently addicted to their opioid prescription painkiller.

It’s not because people seek out these medications for “a fix” from the start…

It’s because these opioid painkillers are so incredibly addictive, they quietly sneak into innocent victim’s lives.

And here’s the scary part: It could happen to any well-intentioned patient in as little as two weeks... even while following doctor’s orders.

That’s exactly what happened to Beth, a well-educated suburban wife and mother of four.

“Within Six Months, I Became A Raving Drug Addict”

After suffering debilitating pain in her toes, Beth’s doctor prescribed the powerful painkiller oxycodone.

Neither one of them thought the drug’s dark side would reach out and control her life so soon:

“It’s hard to imagine that in such a short period of time I had morphed from a Mrs. Cleaver, baking hot cinnamon buns in anticipation of my children’s arrival home from school, to Scarface crushing pills on the glass top of the executive desk in our home office while thinking to myself as I heard them arrive from school… ‘Why, oh why, are they home already?’

Within six months, I had become a raving drug addict.

I have learned that a person will become physiologically addicted to oxycodone within two weeks of daily use.”

There are numerous stories like the one Beth shared to warn the world.

And you may not realize it, but the painkiller oxycodone claims more lives than heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

It’s not because the doctors who prescribe these painkillers are bad people… they’re simply trying to offer pain relief for their patients.

You were probably prescribed this drug if you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed.

After all, managing pain is a huge issue facing America… it’s the number one reason people seek out physicians.

An Army nurse with 30 years in the healthcare industry says, “ I live a very active lifestyle and would probably end my life if I could not manage my pain.”

Dr. Robert Fisher, a retired doctor with 40 years of experience warns, “Oxycodone should have been taken off the market a long time ago.”

Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh also became addicted while following his doctor’s prescription…

“I am addicted to prescription pain medication. I first started taking prescription painkillers [some] years ago when my doctor prescribed them to treat post-surgical pain following spinal surgery....Over the past several years I have tried to break my dependence on pain pills and, in fact, twice checked myself into medical facilities in an attempt to do so.”

As it stands right now, there aren’t many other options to treat pain besides these highly addictive painkillers…

But that’s all about to change…

Because the CDC is now urging doctors to cut back severely on prescribing these dangerous painkillers.

And as you learned earlier, the US Surgeon General sent out a letter to all 2.3 million of America’s doctors, cautioning them on the opioid crisis.

But if these pain medications are taken completely off pharmacy shelves… what will they use instead?

This tiny company’s “Super-Aspirin.”

Because, as you’re about to see, this company’s drug was shown to be more effective at treating pain than morphine… in a shorter amount of time, as well.

On top of that, this company’s “Super-Aspirin” could also be much less addictive, too!

All of these incredible findings are why “Super Aspirin” could replace all current pain drugs.

And in real life drug trials in hospitals across this country, more than 900 Americans are using this medicine right now...

In a previous study, participants using this breakthrough drug had less nausea, less vomiting, and more constant pain relief compared to morphine.

For patients currently suffering from pain, this is LIFE-CHANGING news.

And thus far, the U.S. Government agrees.

This is obviously HUGE news for the future of medicine. Enough to disrupt the entire industry.

And it gets more exciting, because right now, this company’s “ Super-Aspirin ” drug is entering the final stage of phase 3 trials.

The final test before it’s released to the world on the open market.

This is why I’m racing to get this urgent message to you today. Because approval of this breakthrough drug could come any month now.

And in one swift move, the FDA could flat-out mandate ALL bad pain meds simply be taken off the market, meaning...

  • No more senseless deaths…
  • No more families torn apart and destroyed…
  • No more innocent lives wrecked by this terrible addiction…
  • And big, BIG money for investors.

Here’s why this is such a big deal.

Battling Pain and Overdoses with
Breakthrough “Super-Aspirin”

This $7/share company…

Using Nobel Prize-winning technology developed at Duke University…

Could finally soon be able to offer pain relief...

  • WITHOUT the deadly side effects seen in today’s pain drugs...
  • WITHOUT the risk of becoming addicted...
  • And WITHOUT patients turning towards street drugs like heroin...

And so far, the results of this “Super-Aspirin” are amazing.

In its Phase 2 trials, this miracle pain-relieving drug was just as powerful as morphine.

But with…

  • Faster onset.
  • Less side effects.
  • And better safety.

Remember earlier when you learned about patients who followed their doctor’s prescription orders, but still became addicted?

And the countless actors and musicians like Heath Ledger and Elvis Presley, who lost their lives because of painkiller addiction?

That likely wouldn’t have happened if this tiny company’s “Super-Aspirin” drug were available to them.

(Just imagine the headlines once Hollywood discovers this amazing drug!)

No wonder the FDA is trying to race this company’s drug through the approval process. It would help ensure unnecessary deaths don’t continue.

You, see, this tiny company’s “Super-Aspirin” is a powerful painkiller… but it has ZERO severe side effects.

For this reason, the FDA is hoping this one drug will be the “magic bullet” to stop opioid addiction before it starts.

I’ll show you exactly how it works in a moment. But first, let me prove… hands down… just how effective this radical new treatment could be…

Less Pain In Faster Time

Take a look at this chart from a controlled study on “Super-Aspirin”:

More patients felt pain relief after taking just 1mg of “Super-Aspirin” than 4mg of morphine.

And nearly 100% of patients experienced pain relief after just 3mg of “Super-Aspirin,” while only 60% of patients experienced pain relief after a full 4mg dose of morphine.

Bottom line: “Super-Aspirin” is better at treating pain than morphine, even at lower doses.

And it gets better!

Because this “Super-Aspirin” works in a much shorter time as well.

Check out data from the same recent study:

While it took some patients nearly 3 agonizing hours to experience pain relief with morphine… it took some patients as little as 5 minutes with 3 mg of “Super-Aspirin.”

And remember earlier how I said this drug could be less addictive, too?

Studies have shown morphine’s pain relieving and addictive properties are erased when given to mice lacking the mu-opioid receptor… meaning this receptor is what activates addiction and pain relief.

The way “Super-Aspirin” targets only a specific portion of the mu-receptor cell suggests it could also lessen the user’s risk of addiction.

Researchers claim in The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics that “‘Super-Aspirin’ may have reduced potential for addiction and tolerance.”

You must remember, no pain drugs ever developed have been as addictive as opiates.

And you know “Super-Aspirin” works faster, better – even at lower doses - than comparable painkillers.

So if they discover “Super-Aspirin” also has a lower risk of abuse, then there’s nothing stopping this company’s stock from shooting to the moon – and beyond!

Here’s exactly what makes this new pain-drug so revolutionary…

The Secret Sauce Behind

Powerful painkiller drugs on the market today, such as oxycodone and morphine, work in two ways…

  • They block the pain signals to the brain
  • Then they work on altering the brain’s sensation of the pain

They do this by entering cells through what’s called the “mu receptor.”

Without going into too much jargon here, just know the mu receptor is the gateway into a cell’s membrane.

It’s how the pain drugs get inside a cell to start relieving pain.

But the problem with current painkillers is they activate ALL parts of the cell… including the part which gives bad side effects from the drug.

It activates the part which offers pain relief, but also the part which causes constipation... nausea... vomiting... breathing problems... and a whole host of other problems.

And the scary part is these problems could actually end up KILLING the patient.

But this “Super-Aspirin” could be much different…

What it does is only activate the part of the cell which benefits the patient, leaving the part alone associated with the most notable bad side effect.

This is exactly how it works...

As you can see, current painkillers activate pain relief… but also all the bad side effects.

But this “Super-Aspirin” (pictured on the right) is able to specifically and precisely target the part of the cell which only delivers the desired response… pain relief.

WITHOUT the bad side effects.

This “Super-Aspirin” drug has so much promise and has been shown to be so effective, that the FDA has granted it Fast Track designation.

What this Fast Track label does is place this company’s “Super-Aspirin” in the fast lane for FDA approval.

This could put “Super-Aspirin” on the market sooner, and have investors benefit MUCH sooner than expected from its success.

Which is why I’m pounding the table for investors to pick up shares of this company as soon as possible.

Because, as you’re about to see, approval from the FDA has a strong influence on a stock’s share price.

And I’d hate to see you miss out on this rare opportunity, only to regret it later as its spread all over the news.

Right now, their breakthrough drug is being tested in the final phase before approval.

This Billion Dollar Profit Stream
Could Be Unlocked Just
Months From Now

For their final test, patients are being broken up into 2 groups…

Patients who’ve had bunions removed from their feet will be given “Super-Aspirin” for 48 hours after surgery.

The other group will be given “Super-Aspirin” for 24 hours after having a tummy tuck.

Patients having these two painful procedures will be given either a placebo, morphine, and “Super-Aspirin.”

The first patients are already enrolled in the trial, and results could be announced much sooner than normal.

The reason is simple...

FDA trials for pain drugs are much different than, say, FDA trials for cancer drugs.

In cancer drug trials, you need years of follow-up visits to see if they worked or not… if the tumor shrank, spread, or disappeared.

With pain drug trials, they either work or they don’t. You either have pain, or you don’t have pain.

And with this promising “Super-Aspirin” drug getting closer to approval, you have a great chance to strike it rich.

Possibly starting just months from today.

Let me show you just how big of an opportunity this is.

As much as $60 Billion
Could Be Up for Grabs

OxyContin is responsible for bringing in an incredible $31 billion for the biotech giant Purdue Pharma since it was introduced two decades ago.

So it shouldn’t surprise you to know this drug has been called the “hottest selling narcotic in history.”

And sales for prescription painkillers continue to roar.

In 2010, 254 million prescriptions for painkillers were filled… enough to medicate every adult in the US for an entire month.

That year alone, opioid sales brought in $11 billion for big pharma companies.

Just two years later, in 2013, sales jumped to $50.2 billion.

And the market is expected to get even bigger.

Because the pain drug market is estimated to reach $60 billion by the time 2018 rolls around.

Think of it this way…

Sales of painkiller drugs will exceed the GDP of…

  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Uruguay
  • and 111 other nations from around the world

And the people who rely on these pain drugs pay an arm and a leg to get them.

For example, users cough up nearly $14,800 each year to get OxyContin with a prescription.

And if they get addicted, it’ll cost them as much as $49,000 each year to get the drug on the street… that’s more than most people pay for their car.

You can see how this is a growing problem for our country.

On top of that, the dangerous side effects of these painkillers are costing employers as much as $10 billion annually.

Sick days… low productivity at work… among other things which take a toll on businesses.

And as you learned earlier, health insurance companies are shelling out another $72.5 billion each year just to control the growing problem.

But if this tiny company claims the $10 billion opportunity, their market cap will climb 2,757%.

And if they upset the approaching $60 billion pain market, their value would skyrocket 17,042%.

Imagine what happens when the giant pharma companies producing those dangerous painkillers take a backseat to this one company making a safer alternative.

Frost & Sullivan, a highly regarded market research firm says,

“… a $10 billion market exists for a company able to develop a novel, targeted pain therapy that excludes these side effects, indicating the huge opportunity for growth in this mature industry.”

And my research points directly to this company’s “Super-Aspirin” as the golden ticket to unlock this huge profit opportunity.

But Frost & Sullivan's estimates are conservative...

Not only does my research indicate this company's “Super-Aspirin” will cause a stir among doctors.

It could turn over the entire $60 billion industry.

And get this…

Remember how Purdue Pharma sells $31 billion worth of OxyContin each year?

They charge $1-2 per pill.

But offering a safe alternative drug with no competition, this tiny company could charge almost anything for it.

$10… $20… $30 could be expected.

Just look at Viagra as an example.

They have virtually no competition, and they charge upwards of $25 for their erectile pill.

And with physicians being sued and patients reacting differently to current opioid drugs, doctors would much rather prescribe a safer alternative to anything which may end up killing their patient.

Something without the same risk of addiction, but the same pain-fighting results.

That’s where this company’s “Super-Aspirin” shines.

It has the power to disrupt the entire $60 billion business of painkillers… creating as much as 17,042% gains for investors in the process.

And when the FDA’s mandate comes, early investors could profit 1,000%... 2,757%... even 17,042% on their money.

That would be like turning every $5,000 into $55,000 on the low end…

And turning every $5,000 a staggering $1,714,200 on the high end, over time.

It should be obvious gains like these aren’t guaranteed. But it is possible with a breakthrough drug of this promise and magnitude.

It would be a well-earned reward for funding a future of addiction-free pain meds for the 2 million Americans who need it.

To show you just how powerful FDA approval can be to a stock’s share price, check this out.

How the FDA Was
the Catalyst for
1,126% Gains

In 1996, Pfizer applied to have Viagra, their drug for erectile dysfunction, approved by the FDA.

Two years later, when the FDA finally did approve Viagra, shares or their stock exploded 1,126%.

Investors who got in and bought shares before approval saw every $3,000 into $36,780.

And that’s just one example…

When Amgen had their drug approved by the FDA for patients with kidney failure, they’re stock also skyrocketed.

Investors who picked up shares in Amgen before FDA approval saw a nice spike of 19,713%.

That would have turned every $5,000 into a staggering $963,650.

If that’s not enough, here’s yet another example.

A company called Celgene applied to have their drug for multiple myeloma approved by the FDA.

Once the FDA was convinced Celgene’s drug was beneficial in clinical trials, they gave the thumbs up to have their drug on the open market.

Investors who picked up shares of Celgene before FDA approval saw their money jump 17,017%.

That would turn every $1,000 into $171,170.

And I hope you’re sitting down for this last example, because the profits it created are astronomical.

Biogen had a drug developed to treat patients with multiple sclerosis called AVONEX.

When it was approved by the FDA in 1996, shares of their stock ballooned an extraordinary 38,996%.

This alone had the power to turn every $2,000 into $781,920.

I think you get the point…

When you jump feet first on a great opportunity, you could make a killing as a company’s drug gets FDA approval.

I must make it clear, however, that not all drugs in FDA trials end up getting approved.

Even the best-looking therapies and drugs sometimes end up failing in FDA trials.

The drug could stop working... they could get the dose wrong... or any other number of unfortunate circumstances could happen.

What you need is a strong sense of caution and take your time to comb through the tons of data behind a company and their therapy being tested.

It would take you months to dig through all the data points, trial results, and science to figure whether a biotech company is up to snuff and worth putting money into.

That’s why I did all the heavy lifting for you, and I see this tiny company's “Super-Aspirin” as the biggest investment opportunity of our generation.

I wrapped up every detail about this opportunity in an urgent market briefing called This New Pain Drug Could Change Everything.

And I want to rush it to you today, absolutely FREE.

But by now I’m sure you’re wondering…

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How You Could Make 3,170%
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A mega shift in Silicon Valley is expected take place, creating a potential whopping 3,170% gain for investors.

It’s all thanks to the phone you carry in your pocket each day.

You see, back on May 12, 2015, two men took to the stage in LA at an exclusive investment conference and exposed a major “flaw” in nearly every piece of technology we use today.

Smart phones… tablets… wearable gadgets… they ALL suffer from this one crippling “flaw.”

And it could be enough to make them all become as obsolete as paper maps and VHS tapes.

These two men exposed a “mistake” tech companies are making (whether they know it or not) with each product they produce.

Let’s take your cell phone as an example…

It can save documents to “the cloud,” connect to the internet, send text messages, and even print things without ever being plugged in.

The crippling “flaw” gadgets like these have is they need to be charged with a cord.

It’s a classic example of a “ball and chain.”

And it’s archaic when you stop and think about it.

But this “flaw” of charging with cords is actually a blessing in disguise, because fixing it creates an enormous investment opportunity…

And the fix?

It’s called wireless charging.

Big names like Black Rock, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Vanguard and others have their eyes on one play which could benefit from wireless charging technology…

Betting millions of dollars this new shift to wireless charging will soon take place.

Major institutions like Google, and even the U.S. Government, are trying to catch up.

And at the heart of the technology is a tiny company I’ve been tracking…

That could soon multiply your money.

In fact, if my research is correct…All signs point to Apple becoming a major partner as this one company brings their wireless charging technology to the masses.

But here’s the thing: not many people know this could all happen soon. Which means the biggest gains will be spoiled if this news ever hit the headlines.

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Here’s Exactly What
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This is truly a first…

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Aaron Gentzler
Publisher, Breakthrough Technology Alert
October, 2016

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