DISCLAIMER: As of time of publication, Apple has confirmed neither the release date nor component makers for its forthcoming iPhone 8. All specific projections discussed herein regarding the iPhone 8 release date, supply chain, and feature suite are based on proprietary Agora Financial research, and subject to change pending official Apple announcements.

SEP 22, 2017:

Experts Are Expecting

“The Death of the iPhone...”

death of the iPhone

Here’s Why YOU Should Expect Tech’s Next 269,130% “Super-Cycle"

America’s #1 Technology Forecaster Boldly Predicts:

If you still haven’t secured
your 7-figure Silicon Valley nest-egg,
NOW is the time to ask yourself...

Why risk missing out again?


Dear Observant American,

The modern “smartphone” is dying-- and the Silicon Valley elite couldn’t be happier.

But don't take my word for it...

Just ask Tim.

Tim is the CEO of a large technology company. In fact, as Forbes magazine reported just a few weeks back...

Tim is the head honcho of the largest technology company on the planet.

It sells popular consumer electronic devices—I’m willing to bet you have one of its gadgets in your pocket (or on your desk) right this second.

And given that Tim’s position is arguably the most prestigious in the entire business world, you won’t be surprised to hear that he takes home a pretty penny for his work.

So here's the million-dollar question...

Why is this CEO -- whose company makes a FORTUNE selling smartphones—days away from releasing the technology that will make current smartphones 100% obsolete?

And here's the $7 TRILLION question...

man at podium

SEP 22, 2017:
A “Super-Cycle” Is Born

“If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.”
-Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, 2007

“I regard it as a big idea, like the smartphone. I think _____ is that big...it’s huge.”
-Tim Cook, Apple CEO, 2017


How are YOU going to get rich off it?

Because make no mistake: right this very moment, Apple is gearing up to KILL the iPhone as we know it.

And for everyone who sees it coming, there’s serious money to be made.

So if you missed out on:

Then you cannot afford to miss this.

Because here’s simple truth:

If my research is correct...

And you have a bit of dry powder lying around...

A few days from now, this Silicon Valley funeral could hand you a 7-figure “inheritance”

Listen: time is running out, so I’ll cut right to the chase.

The very same day the world’s #1 tech company puts the final nail in the coffin of its flagship product...

I predict it will also unleash a radical new breakthrough...one that will trigger a literal technological revolution.

And before you accuse me of wearing rose-colored glasses, let me make one thing perfectly clear:

I’m not the only one who sees it coming.

goldman sachs apple apple

In other words, when it comes to defining (and dominating) the technology that will replace our current smartphone addiction...

Lots of folks are expecting BIG things from the market’s BIGGEST player.

And thanks to one tiny, undiscovered company sitting at the white-hot center of this “replacement” technology...

I’m convinced YOU can profit from this revolution— every step of the way.

(And when I say “profit,” I’m not kidding around. In 1990, under $985 in Cisco Systems would have made you a multi-millionaire...in just over a decade. Imagine: what could cash like that do for you and YOUR family?)

But before I share precisely how the final chapter of this smartphone era is set to be the first chapter of Silicon Valley’s next $7 TRILLION hyper-growth market...

And of your early retirement...

There’s one crucial point you MUST grasp.

I call it...

“The Super-Cycle Secret”


Most industries move in cycles. But technology?

Technology moves in super-cycles.

Just think about it for a moment:

The printed word replaces the written one...

The internet replaces the television...

A man driving a car replaces a horse pulling a carriage...and then “self-driving” cars replace both.

In all of these (and countless other) cases, the “legacy” technology has a long, healthy life...

Enjoying massive popularity, and multiple consumer “cycles...”

And then all of the sudden?


Something radically new comes in and replaces it...

In one fell swoop...

Signaling the beginning of another “super-cycle.”

But in order to understand why the iPhone— after being sold in 15 different iterations, getting more than 700 million users hopelessly addicted, and radically altering the fabric of modern life—is about to experience a shocking “super-cycle” disruption...

man at podium

On January 9, 2007, a man in a black turtle-neck walked onto a stage.

His name was Steve Jobs...

And he was about to change history.

For the next 77 minutes, the electrifying CEO introduced the world to his company’s newest device.

He called it “the iPhone...”

And before it would become one of the fastest-selling gadgets of all time...

It would render his company’s other best-selling device—the iPod—totally obsolete.

Read on to discover how, on September 22nd, 2017—after a decade in the phone business—Apple is poised to pull the same trick when its newest gadget hits the shelves...

And why seeing it in advance could hand YOUR portfolio 2,600X growth in the years ahead.


And how that could make you filthy rich...

First you need to understand “The Super-Cycle Secret”:

Whenever technology is on the brink of a MAJOR shift...

Good investors focus on the gadgets...

But great investors focus on the guts.

Allow me to explain.

In the 1970’s, IBM was busy looking for the one gadget that would popularize personal computation in the workplace—and eventually, the home.

Over time, an investment in the company would do just fine.

But during the exact same time period, the exact same “super-cycle” was offering a much better investment.

Namely, a smaller, scrappier company called “Intel,” that was thinking a bit wider...and getting it hands a bit dirtier...

By building a “master chip” that could live in the “guts” of hundreds of different gadgets...

And quite literally power the PC revolution from the ground floor up.

super cycle


The story was the same in the 1990’s, when Nokia was selling newfangled “mobile phones” like hot cakes...

But Qualcomm was selling its “master chip” ... that would go on to power the entire mobile era... even faster.

super cycle

Ditto for the 2000’s, when behemoths like Samsung, Motorola and Sony began a frantic arms race for the best-selling “smart” gadget.

While a company by the name of NVIDIA...

(Which has gained 200%+ in the last twelve months, by the way...)

Gladly sold its “master chip” microprocessors to combatants on every side of the battlefield...

Powering the smart-device “super-cycle” for the last decade-plus.

super cycle

Of course, I imagine I’ve made my point clear by now...

When it comes to getting rich off a technological “super-cycle,” the BIGGEST gains come from thinking small.

Which is, all things considered, why I’m reaching out to you today.

After all...

How often does the next Intel...
The next Qualcomm...The next NVIDIA...

Land directly in your lap?

Good technology works around a problem.

Great technology works through it.

Today, I want to show you how to get in on the ground floor of the world’s next great technology…

And what I’m convinced is the market’s next millionaire-maker investment.

My name is Ray Blanco, and technology isn’t just my passion...

It’s my job.

That explains why I’ve got some shiny title—“Chief Futurist”, to be exact—here at Agora Financial…

(It also helps explain why I’ve chosen to share my research on this opportunity with my readers, rather than keep quiet and back up the truck for my own portfolio!)

As you might imagine, I see a lot of “next big thing” technology pitches sliding across my desk in the course of an average day.

Want to know the ugly truth?

99.99% of them are complete, utter bull%@#.

Hot air, hype, and highway robbers: the holy trinity of dangers facing tech investors today.

man at podium


You've never heard of this company before.

And if you stop reading now....

Things can stay that way – for a few more days.

But please note:

On September 22nd...

When the world's #1 technology company is set to reveal that this "miracle chip" is the very building block of Silicon Valley's next Super-Cycle...

Knowing that you "played it safe" will NOT give you another stab at this 269,130% ground-floor opportunity


And after 20+ years in the business, I like to think I’ve learned to separate the wheat from the chaff.

That’s how I was able to bank 195% on the 3-D printing craze in less than a year…

How I regularly ride bleeding-edge pharmaceutical companies to 300%+ gains

Heck, that’s exactly how I just roped in 239%...on a single stock…in UNDER 6 months.

(And more to the point: It’s how I’m able to keep readers in my Breakthrough Technology Alert newsletter flush with high-upside, high-conviction recommendations... month in, and month out.)

But I’m not writing you today to wax poetic on my past winning recommendations…

I’m writing you today because I’ve locked in on the most compelling investment opportunity of 2017—bar none.

And just to prove to you that I’m not in the business of crying wolf...

I’ll even cover everything I’m about to offer with a little “clause”:

If you don’t watch this stock DOUBLE—in UNDER 6 months— starting on September 22nd, I’ll personally “double you up” instead.

We’ll come back to that later, but to be clear...

You did read that right...and I really am that confident.

After you get the full story, I suspect you will be, too.

Because unlike most of the other high-return investment vehicles you’re likely to come across these days…

This is NOT an options contract, derivatives play, or some other crazy complicated, dangerously “leveraged” money-making scheme.

Not even close.

It’s an old fashioned, get-in-and-hold-on stock market investment.

A chance to stake your position ahead of the crowds…in a “no-brainer” business… that has literally unlimited growth potential.

This “super-cycle” technology? It’s set to literally define the next decade of hi-tech innovation, beginning as early as September 22nd.

And in the years ahead? You’ve got the chance to net over 2,600 TIMES your cash—and even THAT could prove to be conservative.

Because according to the results of my painstaking investigation…

On September 22nd, the CEO of Apple is going to release the “final” iPhone...

Today, I’m going to share with you the full details of that investigation…

Including its shocking (and, for some investors, life-altering) conclusion.

But before I explain why the world’s most beloved tech company is about to stock shelves with the final iteration of the iPhone as we know it...

I’d like to make sure you really understand just how much money is at stake in the decisions you do or don’t make over the next few minutes.

Because the truth of the matter is this:

There’s lots of ways to become a millionaire

But stocks like this are only way I know of that can get the job done for UNDER $750.

And here’s the very best part…

This investment is so straightforward that I won’t even waste your time with the usual rigmarole…

(You know what I’m talking about. Like the spiel that starts off with the story of a P.O.W. before selling you some real estate play in the Florida swamplands…or the “Next Big Thing” tech pitch that asks you to “go back to to the year 1900, in the days of the horse and buggy…)

Instead, I’ll just ask for a few minutes of your time as I lay out the facts.

And if, after you do, you decide you’d rather sit this one out?

No harm done.

(In fact, this investment is so unbelievably promising, some of the boys around the office asked me not to share my story with the public at all. They had a point…until I remembered how good it feels to do my job right, and sleep soundly every single night.)

But if you decide you DO want in on the action? I’d ask that you raise your hand as quickly as possible.

Because Apple is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, ready to replace the smartphone as we know it...

...And send this tiny, undiscovered company from total obscurity to the 7 o’clock news

And if you don’t grab ahold before they do...

You may NEVER forgive yourself.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve done on-the-ground research on plenty of “bleeding-edge” technologies in my day …

But in terms of the real-world implications of a single technological leap, I’ve never seen anything like this before—not even close.

rip rip rip rip rip rip

(Yes, you did read that correctly. The Economist...the businessman’s “sleeping pill of choice”... is reporting that this technology could turn the entire world into a computer!)

Of course, you and I both know enough not to trust everything journalists put in the newspaper…

They’re the only people I know who can make “news” out of the President trying to do his job.

So the real clincher for me wasn’t some sensational headline.

Instead, it was Tim Cook...

The chief executive officer of the world’s #1 technology company...

Had to say about it.

“I regard it as a big idea, like the smartphone. I think _____ is that big...it’s huge. [We] will have _____ experiences every day, almost like eating 3 meals...it will become that much a part of you.”

-Timothy Cook, Apple CEO

That’s right...

Just a few short months ago, in an interview that went largely unnoticed, the most important man in technology issued a stunning prediction:

This technology will be as common as food...something that everyone uses, multiple times, every day.

And given that no hi-tech breakthrough ever comes cheap...

I trust you won’t be surprised to hear that experts are calling for that explosive popularity to bring a LOT of cash along with it.

How much cash?

Last year, the worldwide market around this technology rang in at a modest $1.2 billion.

But according to one research firm, in the years ahead, that figure could balloon to a full $7 trillion...

That’s TRILLION...with a “t”!

Go ahead—take a moment and let that sink in.

Because if that projection holds true, the world you live in...

(And more immediately, the money you live on...)

Is right now on the cusp of something TRULY extraordinary.

A brand-new, hi-tech sector... Bigger than than the economies of Russia, Canada, and Germany…COMBINED!


And here’s the very best part: this isn’t some “hundred-year out” projection for the year 3035...

That $7 TRILLION forecast is for 2027….

Meaning YOU can expect to watch this market to grow by over 119% annually...and 269,130% cumulatively... for the next TEN YEARS straight.

AR Growth

At that rate, every $1 invested in this sector now could balloon into $2,692...

Every $15 could be over $40,380…

And for a bit over $750, you could be a bona fide multi-millionaire—with change to spare— in ten years’ time.

I think you’ll agree that’s wouldn’t just be a “good” deal…

It would be the cash-building opportunity of a lifetime.

(Heck, even if it didn’t work out exactly like I’m calling it—after all, gains like this are truly exceptional – even a small fraction of my profit projection here could make you a fortune!)

Look: I don’t know what your personal situation is.

Whether you’re retired, raising kids, or anywhere in between.

But after years of sharing my work with—and listening to—the hardworking readers in my Breakthrough Technology Alert research service, here’s what I do know:

Of all the world’s commodities, time is the most precious…

And if you’re not committed to getting RICH, you’re wasting time reading this letter.

Because even though the opportunity I’m about to outline is poised to become as popular as breakfast, lunch and dinner—AND net early investors nearly 2,600X their cash —in the years ahead…

If you’re looking to get out the moment the first profit wave hits, I’d respectfully ask that you leave your spot open for someone else.

(In fact, now’s probably a good time to add a little “disclaimer” into the proceedings:

If, at any point, you decide that you just aren’t buying it…

That you DON’T think the “super-cycle” technology we’re discussing is the real deal…

That you DON’T believe Apple is going to unleash that technology (and kick off that “super-cycle”) just a few days from now…

That you DON’T want to discover the one company that’s poised for a meteoric short-term ride and a historic long-term tear

Then please…

Tune out now . That way, it’ll be easier to forgive yourself...)

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

Let me ask you a rather peculiar question...

When was the last time a dancing baby could have made you a multi-millionaire?

Before you accuse me of going “loopy” on you, you may as well know the answer:

June 16, 1997.

The day that Network World – a prominent technology trade journal – asked one of the most lucrative questions in the history of investing...

What’s all the fuss on the World Wide Web....”


“...About this dancing baby?”


Of course, I’m sure you remember the “dancing baby.”

Starring only a 3-D child dancing and a rather silly soundtrack, this short clip was arguably the Internet’s first “viral video” ...

Capturing the world’s attention – and the media’s – practically overnight.

To the average American, it was an inescapable cultural phenomenon.

The kind that gets covered on every major news network...

Parodied on hit sitcoms...

And plastered onto cheaply-made t-shirts.

But to the opportunistic American?

The “dancing baby” of the late 1990’s wasn’t some sort of punchline...

It was the tip of an iceberg...

A “clue” that the entire world was about to get onlineand stay there.

And paying serious attention to it meant making serious money.

After all, in 1997, truly understanding that the world was about to become connected meant truly seeing the Internet “super-cycle” that was about to take off.

Newspaper Newspaper Newspaper

So with that in mind, let me ask you one more question:

What’s all the fuss on “social media” ...
About this dancing hot-dog?

At the beginning of this letter, I addressed you as an “Observant” American.

I’m genuinely hoping that’s the case.

Because if it is...

The 15-second video below could well lead you to the the LAST stock you’ll ever need to own.

Go ahead—give it a watch.



Looks kind of silly, doesn’t it?

A “cartoon” hot dog dancing atop a real-life cat?

But let me be crystal clear: if you can’t see just how much money there is in all the hubbub going on right now over this virtual hot-dog...

Newspaper Newspaper Newspaper

Then the only real joke here is the one you’re playing on yourself.

Because much like the “dancing baby” signaled that the entire world was about to get onto the Internet ...

This new “augmented reality” mega-hit shows why the entire internet is about to come out into the world .

Now, if you’ve stuck with me this far, I bet that you’re plugged-in enough to have already heard a thing or two about “augmented reality...”

And at the risk of seeming presumptuous, I bet I can guess what you’re thinking:

“Wait a second—we’re talking about ‘augmented reality’? Isn’t that just some kinda... gimmick?”

It’s a fair question...

Especially considering that before the “dancing hot dog”...

Which was released by Snapchat, to immediate fanfare, just a few weeks ago...

The last time augmented reality really hit the news cycle was with Nintendo’s explosively popular (but patently frivolous) “Pokémon Go” game last summer.


But as you may have already guessed, I’m not reaching out today to talk about playing games...

I’m reaching out to talk about getting rich.

And between now and September 22nd...

When Apple is slated to take “Augmented Reality” technology from Silicon Valley sideshow to certified “super-cycle” status...

I believe that’s precisely what you’ll have the chance to do .

Technology historians will put it down it as the day Apple “cannibalized” its own business yet again...

By giving the world a smartphone so advanced, it would teach people to move beyond smartphones altogether.

Or, to put it more succinctly...

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2017 :
The Death of iGadgets...
and the Birth of the iWorld

You’ve met a lot of different folks in your life.

But have you ever met someone who enjoys losing their child in a crowd?

What about someone who thinks it’s funny when a loved one suffers a stroke...

Or “no big deal” when an American solider loses a leg on his walk to work?

I didn’t think so.

So imagine this: the next time you lose your child (or grandchild) at the 4 nd of July parade....

Before you panic or find a police officer, you simply hold up your smartphone...

And there they are.


Now imagine it’s a few days later, and you’re visiting an old friend. The conversation (and wine) is flowing...

When all of the sudden, your friend stops talking—and slumps to the floor.

You’re terrified. And time is of the essence.

But instead of screaming so loud you wake the neighbors, you pull out your smartphone...

And watch calmly as a paramedic appears out of thin air...showing you exactly what to do, and who to call, to save a life before it’s too late.


Later that evening, you’re watching the national news. Familiar stories flash across the screen: more turmoil on Wall Street...more drama in Washington...more of the same.

Except for one story, that is. The story of how a group of Marines, tasked with patrolling the outskirts of a Syrian city under siege...

All made it back to base in one piece...

For the hundredth day running...

Thanks to smartphones that show them, in high definition, where the enemy IEDs are hiding.


Think that all sounds crazy?

Well think again—because once Apple makes Augmented Reality a CORE feature of the iPhone 8...

Triggering MASSIVE widespread adoption...

That’s PRECISELY what you could expect “everyday life” to look like.

And it won’t stop there.

You see, once the world gets accustomed...and then addicted...to the infinite solutions that come from mixing digital imagery into the physical world, “computer vision” will simply become too BIG to stay in the smartphone.

(Sort of like how the “world wide web” was simply too popular to stay stuck on a desktop...)

And once that happens?

Apple—and the dozens of companies that wish they were Apple—will flood the market with augmented reality devices. Think sunglasses, swimming goggles, gaming headsets...even contact lenses!

In other words: by triggering consumer adoption of this truly transformative technology...

The iPhone 8 will usher in the next generation of must-have consumer electronic devices...

Devices so advanced, they quite literally change the very way we see the world around us

In the next 3 years, I fully expect to see billions of these devices—all powered by the same wafer-thin “master chip”—sold around the world...

And to watch the true benefits of the Augmented Reality Super-Cycle stack up...at a staggering rate.

So please, do yourself—not to mention your bank account—a favor...

And forget about 3-D video games, dinners with Marilyn Monroe, and even dancing hot-dogs.

Because here’s what “Augmented Reality” REALLY Looks Like:

Doctors “examining” the human brain from the comfort of their office, so they can work towards a cure for Alzheimer’s without ever picking up a scalpel...


Tools “appearing” out of thin air , and doing their job even better than the ones you used to lug around:


Homes “decorating” themselves, empowering consumers to know how that new chair looks before they head to the store:


“Front row” seats to the world’s top sporting events, so you can watch up close and personal no matter where you are on game-day:


School lessons “coming to life,” so students can witness the moon landing from their living room:



Retail products “selling” themselves right off the rack, and doing an infinitely better job than any fast-talking salesman ever could:


The possibility of factories “managing” workers from nine to five, even if the foreman is on vacation:


TV screens “following” you around the house , and growing to cinema-size with a few flicks of your finger:


Cars “assembling” themselves , showing designers true-to-scale models before anyone flips a single switch on the production line:


And so, so much more.

In fact, in terms of how augmented reality will change YOUR life, that truly is just the tip of the iceberg.

Because when it comes to the full extent of this technology’s transformative potential...

The possibilities are infinite


That’s not just the best way to describe the potential of augmented reality to improve the lives of Earth’s 7.4 billion citizens…

It’s also a good way to describe the potential profits to be made by those get in on the ground floor...

And watch their money grow by over 119%...for the next DECADE straight.

Look: if you’re anything like me, I’m willing to bet that you “like” technology just fine…

But it isn’t some hot new gizmo or gadget that really gets your blood boiling.

It’s the opportunity to invest in that breakneck new technology—and pocket 2,600X gains—that truly motivates you.

That’s why it’s so fortunate that you’ve chosen to hear me out today.

Because regardless of how you feel personally feel about augmented reality (or “AR”, for short), the facts of the matter are painfully clear:

  1. The AR revolution is already underway...and once Apple takes it mainstream, by stocking shelves around the globe with the iPhone 8 as early as this September 22nd, it will gain momentum at a breakneck pace.
  2. I’ve identified exactly one company that sits at the very heart of this “Super-Cycle”... and it stands to go from “no-name” micro-cap to front-page behemoth just DAYS from now.

Granted, most investors won’t connect the dots in time...

They’ll get so caught up in the iPhone 8 itself that they’ll never even think about what’s actually powering it...

(And what will actually power the iGlasses, iCars, and countless other AR-centric iGadgets Apple will likely release in the wake of the smartphone era....)

But for those shrewd individuals who win at tomorrow by remembering yesterday...

Who recall, with painful clarity, the money they DIDN’T make on Intel in the 1970’s...

Qualcomm in the 1990’s...

Or NVidia, in the last few years...

The real story isn’t about the iPhone 8 ... or the billions of augmented reality devices that will enter the market on its heels.

Not even close.

Because if history has taught them anything, it’s that the REAL story is in the “master chip” that will make ALL of those devices possible...

And the one tiny, “undiscovered” company that’s poised to profit...every step of the way.

The First Step to 269,130%: 1 “Master Chip” Micro-Cap to Own BEFORE September 22nd

In the shadow of Apple—one merciful step removed from all the fanfare and scrutiny—one company isn’t just “riding” the AR Super-Cycle…

With every “master chip” it ships out the door, it’s working to make the Super-Cycle happen.

Its proprietary technology is the final piece of the AR puzzle—much like the cathode-ray tube in the rise of television, or the role of the microchip in putting a PC on every desktop in America.

Its list of customers reads like a who’s who of Silicon Valley royalty: Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Google....you get the gist.

(Speaking of Google, it bears noting:

In 2013, when the search giant released its failed “Google Glass” augmented reality headset, it turned to this company for help.

The headset turned out to be a flop—but shrewd investors knew the technology that powered it wasn’t.

So even though, following its release, the device itself was lambasted by press and beta testers alike...

This stock still went up MORE THAN DOUBLE...
in UNDER 6 months.


That’s a triple-digit stamp of approval—off the strength of a FAILED device!)

In other words, this company is a definitive leader in its space…

With a dominant market footprint...

Over 2,981 issued patents

And hundreds of engineers working around the clock to keep its tech on top.

In short, it’s a “ no-brainer” for anyone who wants direct exposure to the 269,130% AR Super-Cycle.

Of course, even though he gets things wrong every now and then, “Mr. Market” tends to know a deal when he sees one. And at under $9 a share, this stock is almost certainly...

The last real deal of the bull market

But after Apple succeeds where Google failed...

And finally “kills” the smartphone...by formally ushering in the era of Augmented Reality...

This “deal” will disappear.

That’s probably why, just a few months ago, Morgan Stanley sent out a private series of notes to clients, urging them to get in before this company’s “master chip” takes off, courtesy of consumer mania around the iPhone 8...

“We continue to believe that 3D sensing will become a key feature for smartphones, including the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. _____ looks well positioned...we believe _____ ’s revenue growth momentum will be strong in

-June 2, 2017

And more importantly, before it makes its way into the flood of augmented reality devices—potentially billions—that will follow hot on the iPhone 8’s heels.


Key Upside Catalysts:

  • Apple launches its new iPhone 8 product with ________ [technology] in 3Q17
  • China smartphone brands, such as Huawei,also introduce [AR] phones in 4Q17
  • New progress in AR smart glasses customers, such as Google, Microsoft, and other global top OEMs.

And that’s also why I’m urging YOU to consider staking your position today.

Because just like late-generation iPods “prepped” the world for first generation iPhones...

Apple’s first fully AR-integrated iPhone will prime consumers for countless augmented reality innovations to come.

But here’s the catch...

By the time this “master chip” is inside BILLIONS of last -generation smartphones... first-generation smart goggles... and wildly popular AR gadgets.... It will already be too late

In other words: the iPhone 8 will be the “tip of the spear” for this company’s rise to dominance...

And it’s crucial you get in before the first blow is struck.

Rest assured: you’ll be in good company.

And here’s the kicker…

As an early investor in this “master chip” micro-cap —that’s currently being followed by only a handful Wall Street analysts—you can still join these big boys in grabbing a grubstake in what could well be the next Intel...the next Qualcomm...the next NVidia...

At mere fraction of what those “high-flyers” currently trade for.

And assuming this company’s top line grows right alongside the market it operates in, that means you could potentially pocket over 2,600X YOUR money...

In one clean shot.

So how exactly does this technology work?

Frankly, it’s a bit technical.

And I expect you’re more concerned with turning $15 into a cool $40,380...or $750 into a 7-figure nest egg... than getting deep into the weeds of computer science mumbo-jumbo.

But every good investor knows it’s crucial to look—and understand— before you leap.

So here’s the quick and dirty:

In January of 2016, the Financial Times reported that Apple had “assembled a large team of experts in virtual and augmented reality...as it seeks new sources of growth beyond the iPhone.”

The goal was simple: to triumph where Google had not...perfect augmented reality technology...and set the stage for an entire ecosystem of next-generation gadgets to come.


Eventually, CEO Tim Cook spilled the beans... and revealed the technology was so promising that it made him want to “yell out and scream.”

And after that?

Well, that’s when he went on to make the incredible claim we’ve already discussed:

That humans would become utterly addicted to the experience of virtual images appearing in—and interacting with—the physical world ...

So addicted that using augmented reality would soon become as commonplace as eating a ham sandwich.

But in order for that “interaction” to happen, the gadgets facilitating it all need to be outfitted with hardware that allows them to “see” the physical world in front of them …

(That way the “doctor” who shows you how to save the choking man in front of you can perform his demonstration on the man’s chest—rather than the chair he fell out of.)

That’s where what I’m calling “3-Dimensional Sensors”—the breakthrough product of this exceptional little company—come into play.

Because just like NVidia’s “processing units” have fueled the smartphone market’s heady growth for the past few years...

3-D sensors are at the white-hot center center of augmented reality’s explosive growth trajectory.



Your standard 3-D sensor unit is composed liquid crystal parts, placed atop a silicon frame. It’s a fraction of the size of a penny...


And wafer thin.


But please… don’t let its size fool you.

Because within every infinitesimal 3-D sensor that company sells, a MASSIVE power lays in wait:

The power to “see” the world through the eyes of a human

“Talk” to its host device in the language of a computer

And “process” the augmented reality interaction between the digital world and the physical one.

And considering that the most influential technology company of all time is days away from finally pushing this technology into mainstream

By placing it in as many as a billion devices

It’s a safe bet that the demand for these sensors will grow to be HUGE -- and stay that way -- for many years to come.


Normally, when a cutting-edge sector is gearing up for THIS much growth, you can expect the competition around it to be fierce…

But not this time.

Because the company I’m writing you about today is that rarest of finds…

An experienced player, in a sector set for extreme growth, with an absolute stranglehold over its market.

As I already mentioned, the fact that this company is the hands-down leader in its space... with over 2,981 issued patents...already has some forward-thinking investors (and Wall Street sharks) on the move…

After all, it’s not every day you see a business with a “competitive moat” that wide!

But here’s the real icing: even though the AR market is just now truly taking off, this company has been perfecting their technology for over 16 years...

Meaning is 100% ready to FULLY capitalize on this $7 Trillion “Super-Cycle” while its competitors are still wondering why the phones are ringing!

(In fact, even if this company’s “master chip” isn’t in the iPhone 8 at all—in which case reported projections from Barron’s, Morgan Stanley, and myself just all happen to be off—it’s STILL set to make money hand over fist as Augmented Reality takes the market by storm.)

That combination of deep experience and patent-protected dominance only rears its head in the stock market once or twice in a lifetime...

Realistically speaking, if you have a few hundred dollars of dry powder lying around…

This COULD be the stock you retire on.

So before I tell you how to get the FULL scoop on this company—including its name and ticker symbol...

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A great-uncle writes you into the will…

Heck, every now and then there’s no traffic at 4:30 on a Friday.

But if you’re old enough to have been around the block once or twice, you know that when it comes to life’s “little surprises”, most of the time the ball comes high and inside.

Whether it’s problems at home…

Pressure at the office…

Or a bill that you just didn’t see coming…

Trouble has a way of showing up at your doorstep far too often—and staying for much too long.

Which is, all things considered, precisely why I’m reaching out to you today.

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But before I do that, there’s something I just have to get off my chest…

“I’ll be honest with you, Ray—this sounds like complete and utter bull$%@!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m the “Chief Futurist” here at Agora Financial.

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In fact, when it comes to making BIG decisions around here...

I’ll be the first one to admit that the buck stops with Aaron Gentzler.

As the Head Publisher of America’s largest independent financial research firm...

Aaron’s rules for anyone who works under him are brutally simple:

He’s the sort of guy you could politely refer to as a “realist”.

In fact, usually when I pitch him on a “big idea” tech investment, his reply is something along the lines of:

“I’ll be honest with you, Ray—this sounds like complete and utter bull$%@!

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I was stunned. And more than a bit disappointed.

Even so, I picked up the phone and gave Aaron a call. And listened as he calmly explained something very important…

Why the details on this extreme
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I’m sure you’re familiar with the old nursery rhyme—you know, the one about secrets not being fun if you tell everyone?

Well here at Agora Financial, we’re not terribly concerned with helping you have “fun”…

But we are deadly serious about helping you get rich.

And as Aaron made crystal clear over the course of our phone call…

When you’ve dealing with a stock this small...

And with this much upside...

The profit up for grabs is directly impacted by the number of hands trying to grab it.

Or as he put it:

“The worst thing you could do now is tell too many people about this.”

He had a point—and I knew it.

After all, with thousands of readers tuning in every month, recommending this stock in Technology Profits Confidential would bring it way too much attention…

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Where should I send your FREE copy of
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Every month, Breakthrough Technology Alert publishes the “best-of-the-best” next-generation technology research that bubbles up from Agora Financial’s extensive network of award-winning investment professionals.

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A futuristic “imaging application” firm, working to make bridge the gap between computers and the humans who use them…

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Of course, to ensure that the opportunities brought to light aren’t spoiled by the scrutiny of the crowds...

Breakthrough Technology Alert maintains a strict, members-only policy…. with absolutely NO exceptions.

(Like I said…the invitation I’m extending you today really is to our most elite technology research service. For all the nitty-gritty details—including precisely how we go about alerting members to the market’s most extraordinary opportunities—simply scroll down to the FAQ section)

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The name (and ticker symbol) of this explosive “master chip” winner.

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My executive summary of the “AR Super-Cycle” …and a crystal clear picture of the road from here to 269,130%.

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But before I tell you exactly how you get started with your Breakthrough Technology Alert subscription...

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I suppose there is one thing I had better get off my chest...

I’m sorry... But I haven’t been
completely honest with you

You see, when Apple’s newest blockbuster device finally hits shelves just a few short days from now...

I 100% expect this “master-chip” to be inside it.

And as the AR “Super-Cycle” takes off in the months and years that follow...

I 100% expect this stock to go on an historic stock market tear.

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But the simple fact of the matter is, when it comes to setting yourself up to squeeze all the profit out of this once-in-a-lifetime technological “paradigm shift...”

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There’s no denying it: the company I’ve brought to your attention today is the #1 pure-play for the coming AR Super-Cycle.

But that doesn’t mean it’ll be the only player with a shot to profit.

In January of 2016, the Financial Times reported that Apple had assembled a secret team of augmented reality experts.

Their mission? To ignore the iPhone altogether...

And build “prototypes of possible headset configurations”!

Since then, the rumor that the Cupertino giant is working on AR-enabled “glasses” has only gained momentum.

april 25 august 2

But before you get all hot and bothered about the #1 technology company’s next gadget “shift...”

Do yourself a favor...and grab on (with BOTH hands) to the stock behind the shift.

This report, offered exclusively to folks who raise their hand on Breakthrough Technology Alert membership today, fills out your “Super-Cycle” watch-list with the 1 “shift stock” that could specifically underpin Apple’s move from smartphones to smart glasses. Together with the 1 “master chip” micro-cap poised to cover the whole field for years to come, this stock affords you FULL, comprehensive exposure to technology’s next 269,130% moment.

Altogether, it’s a very generous “welcome package”...


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And given our track record of service and excellence here at Agora Financial, I’d be offended if you expected anything less.

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A truly astonishing promise…

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If you don’t watch the “Master Chip” stock we’ve covered today DOUBLE in UNDER 6 months …
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So even though I’m exceedingly confident that the “master chip” firm we’ve discussed today is geared up for an obscene profit run

Spurred into overdrive by the “surprise” announcement I’m predicting the brain trust at Apple will make a few short days from now…

The truth of the matter is that I don’t have a glass ball….and I won’t pretend like I do.

But here’s what I will do.

First, I’ll point out that in the unlikely event that tear-downs of the iPhone 8 do not reveal that Apple has gone “all in” on a partnership with this A.R. innovator this go-round…

It may well be because they’re saving that thunder for a “surprise launch event” later in the year.

(Heck- even if they don’t partner up with Apple at all, I believe this company represents a huge, five-digit opportunity for profit. But to be clear, based on my independent research, I do NOT expect that to be the case…not even remotely.)

Second—and more meaningfully—I’d like to extend you a very special offer…

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Remember earlier, when I mentioned that an older version of this company’s “master chip” powered Google’s augmented reality “Glass” experiment back in 2013...

And the market responded by sending it up OVER 100%...

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Even though the device itself was a total flop?

Well, here goes...

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Ray Blanco
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Agora Financial
September 2017

P.S. There’s no denying it: On September 22nd, Apple is set to kick off the tech’s next 269,130% “Super-Cycle...”

And send this “master chip” micro-cap on an HISTORIC multi-year tear.

If you missed out on Intel in the 1970s...

Qualcomm in the 1990’s...

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P.P.S. Remember, the last time this firm’s “master chip” was put inside a high-profile augmented reality product, the stock doubled...in UNDER 6 months...even though the product was total dud!



So go ahead and ask yourself...

How will Mr. Market respond if that same chip makes its way into a certified blockbuster?

P.P.P.S. This offer comes with the iron-clad protection of our first-ever “ Crying Wolf” Clause. Put simply, if this once-in-a-lifetime investment doesn’t DOUBLE over the next 6 months…we’ll “double you up” instead!

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What exactly is going to happen on September 22nd — and how will it make me rich?

If my research is mistaken, nothing will happen on September 22nd. It will just be another fall day.

(It’s unlikely, but a risk nonetheless. As someone smarter than me once put it: nothing ventured, nothing gained…)

But if my research is correct—and I’m extremely confident it is—on September 22nd, Apple will finally stock shelves around the world with its ravenously-anticipated iPhone 8...

Aside from radically improving the quality of life—from medicine, to business, to engineering, to public safety—this technological “Super-Cycle” will also make some folks radically rich.

That’s why I’m STRONGLY urging all my readers to consider buying the tiny firm whose “master chip” I expect to see inside the iPhone 8 this September...and billions of A.R. devices in the years to come.


If your research is true, why are you sharing it with the public? Why not just keep quiet and invest for yourself?

As an employee of Agora Financial, I am contractually obligated to share my best investment ideas with our readers.

Why is this offer only available to 115 people?

As with many small-cap companies, the underlying security in question is extremely sensitive in nature.

In order to avoid unnecessary price volatility as investors stake their initial positions—and to maximize the potential payout for all involved—Agora Financial feels it’s prudent to keep this offer strictly limited to 115 individuals today.

Is Breakthrough Technology Alert really Agora Financial’s most elite technology research service?

Yes. And unlike some other research services, Breakthrough Technology Alert maintains a strict “members-only” policy.

This enables the service to deliver 1 “best-of-the-best” next-generation technology trade per month, without subjecting the underlying security to undue market attention


If this stock doesn’t double in 6 months, will you REALLY “double my money” instead?

Yes—in the best way we know how.

If the stock in question does not double in value—that’s over 100%, in UNDER 6 months, beginning on September 22nd—we’ll officially extend you a $4,000 “credit” (that’s a value of DOUBLE your joining fee) towards any Agora Financial research advisory product you’d like.

We believe that this offer, extended in place of a traditional refund, demonstrates both how confident we are in the opportunity at hand and how serious we are about making the decision to join Breakthrough Technology Alert as easy as possible for you.

For additional details on how this research service works, kindly see below:

Buying/Selling Guidance

  • Every time a stock recommendation is made within Breakthrough Technology Alert, a concrete “buy up to” price will be included with the recommendation.

    This includes the stock recommendation we’ve discussed today, which we do NOT advise you to purchase above the specified “buy up to” figure.

    Over time, we monitor the progress of recommended stocks, and weigh their prices against against their “buy-up-to” figure on a day-to-day basis. Members will be advised when we believe it is time to sell a given security.

Recommendation Parameters

  • Generally, we will recommend stocks in which we see at least 900% upside. In other words: if we don’t think a stock will afford you the chance to make 10X your money, we most likely will NOT recommend it.
  • And when we say that the full details on these “next-generation” plays are only available to Breakthrough Technology Alert subscribers, we mean it.

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